Micrphone permission for... media player / camera app / browser?

  • Hello fellow UB Ports community members.

    I have a symptom and a theory as to the cause, and seek your wisdom and assistance.

    I've had my OnePlus One since Thursday, installed Ubuntu Touch on it using UBPorts wizard succesfully (thank you, UBPorts), and have already resolved one challenge by simply rebooting (thank you Lakota!).

    The challenge / symptom I am seeing now may be singular, or I may be grouping things together that shouldn't be, but here it is:

    When I record a video, only the video component is recorded, no audio.

    When I do a Hangouts Video call in the browser, 2-way video works great, and I can hear the other party's audio, but they can't hear mine. When I pull up Hangouts settings inside that call, I have options to choose a camera, but under the "Microphone" setting, there are no options to choose.

    So those are the symptoms. BUT I know the mic works fine because I installed the audio recorder app and tested and the recordings of audio are totally boss.

    My THEORY on what's going on is that it's related to permissions. Allow me to elaborate.

    I've noticed (happily) that from time to time an app will ask me to grant permission to it for use of <resource>. If I recall correctly, Hangouts (or more specifically, the Browser) asked politely at some point if it could use the camera.

    I FEEL like when I first launched the built-in Camera app, there was one such prompt (for permission to use <resource>) that came up, but before I could respond to it, it was overlaid (or replaced?) by the image seen by the rear camera, leaving me with no way to interact with the prompt (presuming it was still awaiting a reply, but now behind the camera image). My THEORY is that somehow this is related to various places in the Ubuntu Touch OS not making use of the micrphone. It's just a theory.

    I am tempted to uninstall the built-in camera app and then re-install it (presuming I can do that; still learning here), and see if it prompts me for permissions all over again. Chances are, that's my next step. While I am doing that, though, if anyone has any ideas on what else I might consider trying, do share, with my gratitude.

  • @arpi Has your camera app updated today? Mine has if so has that changecd anything.? If not use the open app store to uninstall and reinstall.
    Also check the bug reports for opo related issues also this site the opo seems to have a few quirks🙃but then don't we all

  • @lakota Thanks again, Lakota. After uninstalling rebooting and then reinstalling the Camera app, the video recording now has audio! I have not yet been able to test the microphone use in Hangouts yet though (don't know enough people who use Hangouts, and somehow I suspect BlackBerry will not be making a BBM client for Ubuntu Touch... and the Skype web app gets past the login screen to the usual interface and then freezes, so not holding my breath for Skype).

  • @arpi Good thats fixed so far then. App permission if you want to look is under the security and privacy section in system settings

  • @lakota Ah so that's where that is, makes sense, thanks. I checked, and 3/3 apps have microphone access, including the browser. Hopefully I can test Hangouts (via the browser) again soon!

  • @arpi Theres also Hangups in the open app store. Unofficial web app thing for hangouts. Try that.

  • @lakota I do like Hangups better for the messaging, but if I read my thing correctly, Hangups doesn't (yet) support the audio or video calling. Looking forward to when it will, or to when Anbox will let us run Android apps on Ubuntu Touch the way BlackBerry 10 does (though individually containerised, whereas I don't think BB10 containerises individual Android apps, but it's not like I know for sure).

  • Just thought I would mention that I was eventually able to test out Hangouts video calling though the browser, and everything works, so a big thanks to all. I suspect a reboot did the trick.

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