Email notifications - delete option

  • When you get an email through, you receive the notification, which is great.

    Likewise, if you ready the email on another device the notification then is removed (like Telegram now).

    With the notification you can clear them by hitting "Clear All" you can also swipe the email notification to the right and then select "Delete". This delete option does not however delete the email from your inbox, you still have to enter your inbox and physically delete it from there. Is there a setting that I can chance to get the delete option to delete the email itself or is this a known issue?

  • @ukphil
    Don't you think, it could be a source of confusion if delete in notification menu result in deleting an email rather than a notification ?

    Otherwise, there is already issues with deleting email with dekko2 :

  • @libremax that is a good point, but on the other side of the coin do you not think that it could be confusing when it does not delete message from inbox?

    Possibly swipe right to delete and swipe left to clear down.

    Thanks for the link, I will have a look.

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