Meizu MX4 arale ubuntu edition problems switching to UBports

  • Hi,

    I used the ubports-installer tool to flash my MX4 from Ubuntu to UBports. I followed the onscreen instructions, enabled developer mode on the mx4, and initiated the process.

    Right now, the ubports-installer tool shows a rotating circle around the mascot and on the MX4 there is a black screen with => FASTBOOT mode... written in the lower left corner.

    However, the ubports-installer tool also has a gray bar below the mascot showing:
    Meizu MX4 Please connect your device with an usb cable.
    But wasn't that written there all the time? I did not pay attention on this.
    Should I unplug the USB cable from my Mac or do I brick my phone by doing this?
    How long will flashing approximately take?
    Currently, I have waited about half an hour.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • @absurd Hi, Welcome to UBports. Please also try asking your question in the welcome and install group on telegram,

    They will know the answer and you may get a quicker answer there. Also when your sorted why not have a look at

    for more info you may find helpful.

  • @lakota Thank you for the advice. I crossposted this to the Telegram channel now.

  • @absurd great hope you get sorted quickly

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