Aquaris E4.5 - selfie stick problem

  • Hi,

    I bought a wired selfie stick for my Aquaris E4.5 and Ubuntu 15.04 (OTA-15) but it doesn't work 😕
    After connecting, the phone recognizes it as headphones - but it is not possible to adjust the sound.
    The camera doesn't recognize the device completely.
    Is there any possibility to fix it?

    What about bluetooth devices? Do they work better with Ubuntu Phone?

    I am just an ordinary consumer. I have this phone from the very beginning (I remember how hard it was to buy it) and despite the 'betrayal' by canonical I really like this system. I hope that UBports will continue to do a great job, because I can't imagine switching to another system.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • @rical about bluetooth devices, some work fine others not really. Take a look to the "The" Bluetooth Thread to get an overview.

  • @advocatux,

    Many thanks for the link.
    It looks like we still have to wait some time before we can take pictures with the selfie stick.
    In other words - be patient 😉

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