• Hi.

    I wanted to try ANTIVIRUS from OPENSTORE on OPO, BQ 4.5 and BQ M10.
    (I' m on OTA 3 ubports 15.04). For BQ 4.5 and BQ M10 , it's ok no warning or risks.

    But for the OPO, the ANTIVIRUS found two Risks :

    “You have listening Port on 12346 and 12347.
    Reason : Listening Unknown (or not required) Ports on Phone for a long time."

    When i do '' Resolve Risk'' it seemed to fix the risks but no after an other scan.

    Any Idea ?
    Is it a security breach or a false positive ?

  • Please do not use this Antivirus.... Its completly pointless:

    • The root file system is read only and prohibited for Apps to access
    • The apps folders are each prohibited from each other App

    Means the Antivirus App can only scan itself. Its useless, believe me 😉


  • @flohack Thanks very much.
    Indeed i thought it was a depreciated app. But i don't fully understand why it is on OPENSTORE if depreciated apps can only create problems in phones.

  • Sorry for necroing this topic, but I like the Antivirus program if only for the sole function of having a robust and rapid password generator. This saves me from having to open a needless extra tab on my browser to navigate to password generation sites.

  • @tartanspartan I don't remember it well now but I think Keeweb can generate passwords. Also KeePit is alive again, so maybe @dannygb can add that function if it doesn't already.

    I have a terrible headache today so I'm sorry for this half-baked info I'm telling you 🙂

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