Call for maintainers

  • @hummlbach I would really like to help but the last piece of code I wrote has been in the mid 1980s on a ZX spectrum in Basic, so I won't be much help in case of code 😉 I'm really good at maintaining hardware and at fixing problems on a user support level but thats it ... if you need any help in testing, project management, end-user support, communication, event-planning ... I'm your man and willing to help - but maintainer of a core app ... sorry
    If you need someone for maintaining the community - let me know, that's something I might be able to manage - at least for central Europe ...

  • @hummlbach i'm interessted to help maintain Emanuele Sorce with the gallery app. But i need some time before i can work efficiency on the code base. That's all new to me...
    So first i can sort some issues 🙂

  • @jezek

    @jezek said in Call for maintainers:

    @hummlbach Ok. I've decided. I'm ready to maintain the messaging app, if there isn't anybody else. I think I can read/write code, but I'm not familiar with the workflow of maintaining an app on UT. So what do I need to do/know for starters?

    Awesome. Just thinking out loud here, I'd say:

    1. make sure you can compile it locally, install and run on your device
    2. pick an issue/feature you want and fix/build it
    3. align with ubports team how to manage release/repository access

    Edit: Character counter for SMS/MMS might be a good one to wet ones appetite

  • @jezek as doniks said, compiling the app and perhaps fixing a bug would be a good start to get to know the code a little bit. (Now step 3 a little more detailed.) Then if you're sure you want to maintain it, you may state that here: 🙂 Then you'll likely get the permissions to commit on branches of the messaging-app repository and manage the issues. The work flow then would be roughly: Assign the bug, lets assume to yourself, develop your fix on a branch of the official messaging repository, eventually create a beta release on github (s.t. qa team has something to work with), make a pull request. Once thats all done someone will publish the new release in the openstore. Beside that you'll moderate the discussion on the issues on github...

    @elastic don't worry, but I don't know how to get involved into the "community management", I was just browsing through the app repos and collecting the "needs maintainer" issues 🙂

    @Einstein212 Yes I know how that feels 🙂 I was also completely new to qml, when I was starting hacking around in the calendar... And it still feels like: "Uuuhmmm I don't really know what I'm doing..." 😉 And it also took me some reasonably amount of time to at least understand whats going on a little bit.

  • @doniks @hummlbach yop, that's the way to go. I'll give it a try in near future.

  • @elastic said in Call for maintainers:

    If you need someone for maintaining the community - let me know, that's something I might be able to manage - at least for central Europe ...

    Funny you should mention that ... there was one (or more?) gatherings and quite a bit of interest in it previously - - if you feel like hosting such a thing, I'm sure you'll find some participants!

  • Hello, to all new maintainers:

    • Please fork the repo on Github
    • Prepare whatever you like
    • Submit a PR against the master branch
    • If it is a complex / GUI change, plz provide click packages for testing
    • Ping us for joining the QA group in Telegram an announce your fixes
    • Release can be done by us for the moment


  • @flohack i try to walk this way

  • @flohack

    Release can be done bus us for the moment

    It could be said then...
    ( â€ĸâ€ĸ)
    ( â€ĸ
    â€ĸ)>⌐■-■'re very busy

  • @advocatux Haha fixed thx 🙂

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