Community events for UBPorts

  • Are there any community events to bring people and companies together, who would like to realize ideas, innovate and make business with the Android and iOS alternative.

    Currently, the alternatives are only available as after marked operation systems. Purism could be the ice breaker for further brands and phones to create a relevant market.

    I would like to discuss the possibilities to port UBPorts for hardware and customize the user interface and experience.

  • Unfortunately, there is no response for a community event for UBPorts. My company could host a boot camp or similar event for UBPorts. We also could choose a broader scope like alternativ operation systems beyond UBPorts in general like Plasma Mobile and Sailfish OS. A probable date could be in September after the summer vacation season. What do you think?

  • @marc_aurel hi, I think the lack of an official answer here is because everybody is completely busy making the jump to 16.04.

    AFAIK, the community events are usually organized under the Ubucon (*) umbrella, but some people are organizing their own (unofficial) events as you can see in this forum.

    In which country are you thinking for your event proposal?


  • @advocatux Thanks for your link of Ubicon. Unfortunately I missed the event in April. But I saw, that there is also a Ubicon in Berlin, unfortunately with no more information about a location and date. Do you have more information?

    By the way: Is UBPorts still a topic at this events after Ubuntu dropped the official support of Ubuntu Touch?

    My company is located in West Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia. I'm interested in learning the capabilities of UBPorts as a plattform for commercial devices with a custom UX and meeting developers, enterpreneurs and business people for recruiting and synergies.

    Participating in already organized events woud be fine. Otherwise we would happy to host an boot camp.

  • @marc_aurel yes UT it's still a topic and several UBports developers went to the last Ubucon, not only as attendees but as speakers.

    Just in case you haven't joined it already, there's a Deutsch telegram group You can see there the local event calls too.

  • @advocatux Thanks, I have just entered the community chat and will ask for events. It's always better to learn and extablish a network and collaboration in an offline event. What you think to combine an event with a hackaton? Which prices do develop motivate? My company could offer a price.

  • Hello
    "make business ... create a relevant market ... company ... price" ???
    Well ... Hum ...

  • @marc_aurel sorry, I can't answer that because I don't have any experience in that field.

  • @pulsar33 Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I don't understand, what you mean.

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