Please Help! How 2 Copy Files 2 the Root of Nexus 5 & Create New Directories Accessible from Linux or Mac or M$ Virus Bait!?

  • from Linux or MacOS or M$ Virus Bait!?
    Having Finally Sucksessfully installing the Latest Stable 15.4 on a LG Nexus 5 that I bought eXplicitly 2 Mitigate My eXposure 2 Google Android ( ironic tho it is! ). it did seem as it wasn't going 2 happen as it was Parked Up @ installing on Step 1 or 3 of 10... However having got Over that Hurdle & again Spending Soooo Much Time Searching on the yoUTube ( Google Again I know ) & the iNet, this isn't the sort of introductory eXperience I was eXpecting!
    Other issues that I'm Challenged w/ being OSMScout Not working ( can't find my location, of course I have got Location Detection eNabled & I've Downloaded Me Local NZ Map! ), I'd like 2 install VLC, But it's Not available... There's No Home Key or Back Button? There doesn't seem 2 be a way 4 Me add a Custom RingTone? Please Help!

  • Hi @max-headroom. If you go into Settings>Sound>Ringtone, there seems to be the option to set a custom ringtone at the bottom of the list.

    Also there's an app called Syncthing, which is good for transferring files from the computer to the phone. There's a bluetooth transfer app too - but I haven't used that one.

    As for home keys, and back buttons, everything is gesture control, so there's no need for them.

  • G'day 3amOwl Thanx 4 your Reply, since my primary post re the inability 2 wRite Files 2 the Root of My Nexus 5 & Create New Directories in the Root of My Device that is Accessible from Linux, MacOS & M$ Virus Bait!,... another Couple of issues have Occurred that aRe Even More Worrying... Now I've only got 2% available storage space left & this is the 32 GB Model ( Yes I have been able 2 Transfer Most of my Files Over ), But Also this OS is a Serious Power Hog! ( & this is a Refurbished Ph w/ a New Battery! ) & of course it's a Non Replaceable Battery, so I can't swap it out when it Dies! So Now after less a day I Need 2 SumHow get TWRP or CWM Recovery on it, Can yoU or Anybody Here in the Forum Help Please?!? :(K

  • @max-headroom have a look at this post as far as battery replacement goes

  • Hi @Max-Headroom - I'm sure there'll be someone around who's more qualified than I am to help!

    I run an N5 too. The battery does seem to drain quite quickly, depending on how aggressively the phone is being used.

    As for storage: you must have put a lot of files on your phone!

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