Lineage to UT question

  • So I got this Nexus 5 and updated to the latest Android 6.0.1 (including latest baseband M8974A- I do want to flash UT with the ubports installer, because that worked so seemlessly on a BQ E4.5. However, before flashing UT, I want to do some Lineage testing (for whatever reasons). Installing Lineage includes changing the bootloader(?) to TWRP.

    My question is whether flashing UT via ubports installer coming from Lineage has the same result as coming from stock Android? Will TWRP be replaced again by ubports installer? By what?

  • Updating with ubports installer coming from lineage worked seamlessly on my nexus 4. (The automatic device detection was a bit tricky, but i think this hasn't to do anything with lineage.)