Please HELP installing TWRP or CWM Recovery Over the top of UbPorts Recovery on Nexus 5 Hammerhead

  • it's All My Own Fault! Failed Uninstall of UbPorts.... This is a Nitemare! My LG Google Nexus 5 Hammerhead Boots 2 the Black background Google Splash Screen w/ an Unlocked Padlock icon, the UbPorts Recovery Mode is available, But seems Not 2 work! ( or I don't know wot I'm Doing or I'm Holding My Tongue wRong! 😉 )

    Please HELP!

  • @max-headroom please go to
    They will be able to help

  • Thanx Lakota 4 Replying 2 My Desperate SOS,... I did Sucksessfully install the Telegram App, But Alas the 1 & Only Channel Dealing w/ My Nexus 5 Hammerhead Device is in Russian! & I Reckon My Wife Will be Suspicious of Me Chatting w/ Russian Women?!? Surely there's Got 2 be Sumbody in this Forum that Can HELP Me Please....

  • @max-headroom OK. Re read your post are you try to install or uninstall ubports.
    If trying to install. Run everything again on a different port with a different cable if you have one. Also is the phone in developer mode, adb tools installed and OEM unlock done. I have no recent experience of installing sorry so not upto date with the issues. Did you try the link above. Also there are specific language groups available if thats better vis
    For more info.
    There is also the magic device tool if that still supports ubports.
    If no one else pops up I'll see if I can get one of the install experts over to you.
    If your not trying to install ubports then do have a look at Magic device tool or maybe Spflash tool. I'm really not t sure. Not back till later on today now. So all the best.

  • @lakota Thanx again mate 4 your assistance, I'm Trying 2 Uninstall the UbPorts Recovery or OverwRite it w/ TWRP or CWM Recovery, I've Decided that UbPorts isn't a good idea 4 me, But I'm Stuck or rather the Device is Stalled, But Not Bricked, Displaying the Google Splash Screen & Unlocked Padlock icon on the Black background. By Pressing the Vol. Down Key While Pressing the Power Button, I can Call the Menus, Power Off, Start, ReStart BootLoader, & Recovery Mode which of course Calls UbPorts Recovery that Offers 2 ReBoot System Now or Ubuntu Actions or Android Actions or ReBoot 2 BootLoader or Power Down or View Recovery Logs. if I choose View Recovery Logs & then Select Any of the /cache/recovery/last_logs I get the Orange Android Logo & it says installing Update, But it is in fact Parked Up!

    Back 2 the Main Menu w/ the Green Robot Logo, Choosing Start Only Produces the Google Splash Screen w/ the Unlocked Padlock icon on the Black background. While ReStart BootLoader Loops back 2 the Green Robot again.

    Choosing Recovery Mode as I said B4 does Nuthing, including Ubuntu Actions & Android Actions.

    I'm Sorry I don't Recall if it is in Developer Mode, But I Can Categorically Confirm that I did have UbPorts 15.04 Running on the Subject if that's Any Clue. re the OEM UnLock I don't know if that's Associated w/ the UnLocked PadLock icon on the Google Splash Screen? & re the ADB Tools installed, I thought that was only Relevant 4 M$ Virus Bait! ie. Windows which is 1 of My Options along w/ MacOS 10.13.4 Hi' Sierra & Linux Mint 18.3

    Yes I did Try the Above Link, which is the Russian Bride Chat Channel?

    I Hope that Clarifies My Status & Provides the Required info 2 Solve this Nitemare. I'll Continue Researching the New Link that yoU Offered & the Magic Device Tools, But Please don't desert me,

  • @max-headroom No Russians when I use it. All I can suggest is something like magic device tool to reflash stock android and take it from there. The link will only help with installing ubports. The only time I reflashed was putting flyme back on the mx 4 using the SPflash tool. Instructions on Github. Other than that I'm sorry but can't help further as I've not done it.

  • @max-headroom you should get an official factory image for your Nexus 5 and flash it using the instructions at the beginning of that page ( or following one of the many tutorials about it that you can find using your favorite search engine.

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