Unable to start app because of invalid app ID (xenial) [solved]

  • Hello,
    I've been trying to migrate an app previously created for vivid over to xenial and it seems to be bumping into the following issue:
    ** (process:5611): WARNING **: Unable to start app 'transport.zubozrout_Transport_1.1': Invalid app ID: transport.zubozrout_Transport_1.1

    That is everything builds fine, the predecessor of this app even works fine, but for some reason I can't launch this app. If I build it with 15.04 it launches fine on xenial but doesn't work as it should afterwards.

    So my question is, how is the app ID string generated so that I can change it to a valid string. And what is the issue? Is it the uppercase T, numbers or the dot?

    (I am using clickable on 18.04 tu build my old Ubuntu SDK project)

    Appreciate all your help.

  • @zubozrout have you seen the PM I've sent you?

  • Ok, it turned out my issue was that the old Ubuntu SDK project had the following line set in the Transport/Transport.pro file:
    desktop_file.files = $$OUT_PWD/*.desktop

    which turned out to work fine for vivid but for xenail the desktop file was missing from the final click package.

    So if anyone bumps into the similar issue you may try changing the above glob with a full path like this:
    desktop_file.files = $$OUT_PWD/Transport.desktop

    Once done the build project should be working (exacutable) on Xenial.

    Thank you @dohbee for helping me so much with this.

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