flash the Nexus 5 to ubuntu touch

  • Hello, after crashing my display of my BQ E5 I bought a Nexus 5. The prize for repairing was nearly the same. My question. Is it better first to update the android for reason of some drivers or can I flash direcly with the ubports installer? I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my pc. thanks

  • @tobisch Yes update to whatever is the latest update for your phone, enable developer mode, OEM unlock and a full battery I think and your good to go. Also theres the welcome and install group at https://t.me/WelcomePlus

  • The only reason for an update to latest Android is to get also latest firmware. Other than that you can enable developer mode, connect your device with USB, confirm the security dialog, then you need to have adb and fastboot installed.

    issue adb reboot bootloader to enterfastboot mode, then issue fastboot oem unlock. Then you can start working with the UBports installer.

    But I suggest you join the mentioned Telegram group for install help.


  • @Flohack That's quite interesting. Do you mean that people actually should update to the latest Android first before installing UT? That way the firmware will be updated? Does UT rely on updated Android firmware?

  • @joe No we do not rely on firmware updates, but we could expect a benefit for Android as well as UT. Just that since we are not the vendor, we dont know if they are really useful or critical. In this forum I made already some proposals to update firmware for FP2 and N5 manually, but of course if you are still on Android its more convenient to do it over there.

  • Ok thanks for clarifying. Is it possible to inclued firmware updates in UT updates?

  • @joe Yes we are planning to do this as soon as possible.

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