Bluetooth Hands Free on Meizu Pro 5

  • I was buy 12/2017 Meizu Pro 5. Last version with Flyme. After month I was changed it on Ubuntu in stable version with all what standard user need. Telephone and SMS and sometimes www.
    All manuals here or XDS developers not function on this machine, but any modification of these manuals make Ubuntu telefone from this. I am happy. Super super job. Thank for this informations.
    After all using what I need and all is stable I have problem with USB hands free.
    I dont want more use old standard S5. Now is it Ubuntu 15.04(r15)

    I was logging this on SKODA Infotaiment with Bluetooth HandsFree.
    All is function - logging, reading contacts, calling.
    But the voice is not good codeck. You something hearing, but no usable.

    I was trying in 3 versions of Ubuntu but the same.

    Where I can chnge the parametres of codeck using bluetooth hands free.

    Thank you

  • @martin111 this is a problem on the pro5 ~ they are hoping to improve it with 16.04 xenial..
    You can listen to music,but phone calls not so good.

    Search the forum theres plenty of talk about it

  • @martin111 you also could be interested in reading "The" Bluetooth Thread .

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