Updates on UT ?

  • Have been using UT for some time now. Overall I'm very happy user. I'm just wondering how often UT gets core updates and security patches and all that good stuff ? Since I started using UT my phone got few app updates. Among others I spotted a calculator being updated few times and the OpenStore got updated once since started using it. You know these updates are a good indication of UT being well maintained and will keep getting better overtime. I understand UT is a community-driven project and has only few core developers unlike Android or iOS so I'm not demanding getting core updates every other day.

    Can anyone initiated fill me in on how updates work on UT phone ?

  • Hi @markalexa. From all that I read, most of the effort at the moment is being put into getting UT running well on 16.04. It's sort-of working now, but isn't ready for every day use yet*. This has the knock-on repercussion though that all the apps need to be tweaked to work, and that's down to others to complete.

    • It would be hard to determine what the ETA is for adopting 16.04 for every day use, as I guess it depends on the user

  • @markalexa the shift from 15.04 to 16.04 is a bigger effort which effectively cannot be shipped in multiple step. Thats why its taking a bit longer from OTA3 to OTA4 now. I think you can expect updates coming a little more frequent/in shorter periods after the update to 16.04 is out (normally). If you want daily updates you could switch to the dev channel 😜

  • @hummlbach Are you suggesting that UT is based on Ubuntu 16.04 source code ? Or is UT 16.04 completely different thing ? Excuse my ignorance, I'm just trying to learn more about UT.

  • @markalexa If I have it right the original Canonical Ubuntu Touch was based on 15.04. Which was the starting point for everything. As that came to an end and UBports came into existence it became apparent that 15.04 was to old, updates would end, security was becoming outdated.
    Thats why the move to 16.04 was required. When that is completed UBports Ubuntu Touch will have a secure long term base to move forward on and regular OTA's, and other updates will follow.
    16.04 is apparently a very different beast to 15.04 (I'm no developer so can't speak personally ) which is why things are taking time to make sure all is OK before release.

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