UT audiocast distorted on M10 HD tablet

  • When I tried to listen to UT audiocast 027 today, the audio was very distorted. The audio from youtube plays fine. I played the UT audiocast on my Ubuntu 16.04 net book and it sounded fine, so it seems there is an incompatibility between the UT audiocast and UT 15.04 running on my BQ Aquarius M10 tablet. Has anyone else had a similar problem with other UT devices?

  • @dtarrant Sorry to hear that. Were you listening on SoundCloud or through mp3 download/podbird ?

  • @joe I was listening on SoundCloud.

  • Sounds like a browser or connection issue. Unfortunately, I don't think we can do anything on the SoundCloud side. I tested it on Nexus5 (16.04) and OPO (15.04) without any issues.

    I guess the other episodes are also distorted? Just want to make sure it's not the audio file itself.

  • @joe I just tried SoundCloud audiocasts 024, 025 and 026 and they all have the same distortion on my tablet. The audio seems to be modulated by a kind of buzzing. It's as though the cpu is struggling to share the load with some other process. As I mentioned in my first post, there's no problem when I play mp3 or ogg files or stream youtube videos. Maybe the problem will be eliminated when OTA 4 is installed. In the meantime, how do I download an audiocast as an mp3 file?

  • @dtarrant the easier way is to use youtube-dl on your computer.

    For example youtube-dl https://soundcloud.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch-audiocast-027-chief-extra-officer

  • @advocatux Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that approach. I wonder if youtube-dl is installed or can be installed on my tablet?

  • I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with my son this afternoon and he was able to suggest a plausible explanation. He reckons the problem could be due to a defective BQ audio driver in the android kernel. As an aside, I tried listening to the audiocast with his daughter's ipad and the audio was rendered perfectly.

  • @dtarrant maybe inside Libertine? but I really don't know.

  • Today I tried to listen to the latest Wayne and Joe audiocast using my M10 vivid tablet. Again the audio was distorted by a terrible vibrato. I then tried listening via the UT browser on the tablet. Still the distortion persisted. I then tried listening via firefox on my netbook and the audio was fine. Do other UT M10 tablet users also have this problem? Someone previously suggested that this may be an android audio driver problem. BTW, I don't have this problem with ogg, mp3, mp4, youtube, etc. If it is an android audio driver issue, is it likely to be updated in the future?

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