What phone is fully functional?

  • Very simply, What phone/s is/are fully functional with Touch?

  • @mawil1013 This is the list of current devices
    They are all fully functional bearing in mind the constraints on 15.04 and the odd device specific bug and that some devices are getting on a bit.
    Remember 16.04 is not far away which will bring more functionality and stability and the hints of Oneplus three devices. UBports moves onwards and upwards. Check out the list.

  • @lakotaubp that's the old devices page, I don't know why is still online. The good one is https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

    Also there isn't legacy devices anymore, there are only core devices and community devices now.

  • @advocatux Thanks will edit now.

    All done. Yes that page makes more scene will update bookmarks when home.

  • @lakotaubp The 1+1 camera flash doesn't work, the battery charging is sproatic, which is why the questioned poised about which phone are truly 100% functional.

  • @mawil1013 I use a Nexus5 everyday and that works very well on all fronts for me (battery life is a little lacking) but libertine containers do not work on it. Hence my answer above. UBports Ubuntu Touch is still under development and we are waiting for OTA 4 ( 16.04) which will be here shortly. This will give us a more stable platform and iron out some of the existing bugs.
    There will also be more devices in the future. The Libram colaberation is on the way and I think the OnePlusThree is coming too. Also please remember all work here is done by volenters and it all takes time. So if you don't have a phone yet you are probably best with the newer models on the list and then upgrading to OTA 4 (16.04) which should be a few weeks away.

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