Q&A 30 This Saturday 16/06/18 @ UTC 19:00

  • Oh and of course, the elephant in the room: How's 16.04 coming along?

  • My understanding is, that the rc channel with 15.04 I am currently on with my FP2 in general is the pre OTA channel. And the OTA4 will be the first xenial release. So as on the rc 15.04 channel i will get the pre OTA4 (16.04) as rc23 without having to switch channels or do sth. else. Is that right?

  • What is going to happen when the 16.04 backlog is empty? Will there be an RC channel or will you just continue working towards a stable OTA?

  • 16.04 works really well on the Pro 5. My two main hurdles for switching to it as a daily driver are:

    1. Camera app regression
    2. Calendar crashing right after launch
      Do you see 16.04 happening for all supported devices simultaneously or should we expect it device for device?

    Edit: What the heck, I switched already (at least for the weekend).

  • Will there be any further development on Browser Next before OTA-5? When will it be possible to create web apps based on Browser Next?

  • Will the next browser support some features of progressive web apps?
    This includes service workers (background processes of javascript), offline mode, install webapp from the browser app, native system notifications and push.

  • @krille

    And Tor

  • Ubuntu T. should be more like ubuntu. Maybe you should remove OTA and start to use debs?
    There us a big repo of ARM apps for PC. Do you plan to use it? I know that ex. libreoffice is not fitting to small multitouch screen but maybe it is enough to create good decorator and WM?

    The best stable apps for UT are not ported to dev SDK. Do you plan create converter or abstraction layer? It is not one shot problem but problem for each release.
    Problem doesnt exist on android because of ART comoilation on the devices.

    can you presenters figure out your camera angles, and not have bright lights or windows behind you,or so we are not looking up your nose,( no names )

  • Is it planed to built a PRINT TO PDF mechanism on Ubuntu Touch 16.04. It could be very usefull for everybody. Thanks.

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