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  • Hi to all,
    One thing I'm really missing on UT is a viewer for offline vector maps. I need those for hiking and it would be so handy not to need carrying another mobile for that purpose. No need for routing just map and GPS location is what I need. There are plenty of good free hiking maps out there based on OSM - best are the OpenAndroMaps.
    If anyone out there can do such magic to code or port an app, I can do testing and bug reporting and I'm also willing to pay a few bucks (though I'm not a rich man so this is very limited ;-))

    Thanks, Martin

  • @elastic in the meanwhile someone develops the app you are looking for, I have some suggestions.

    I don't know if it still works but have you tried OSMScout (

    Another possible interesting app for you is Openroute service (

    Finally, if you want to try a different approach, Kurviger ( and, of course, there's always uNav (

  • @advocatux thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately most of them are for online maps only...
    unav is great for routing but you can't view vector maps (would be great though if this becomes possible in the future)
    OSMScout would also be a good option, but it stopped working (at least on my devices) a while ago the maps are OK but also no custom maps...

  • @elastic you're welcome. Yes, it would be great if @costales add that function to uNav 🙂

    From time to time some developer comes to this forum asking for a project to start helping, and I think OSMScout is a perfect one for that. So if any developer is reading this, the source code is here and libosmscout docs are here

  • Hi! I also search for an app like that.
    I did some investigations, and OSMScout seems to be dead, but the library libosmscout is still alive.
    Maybe it could be a good start to build something up to date with the last release of libosmscout, and improve functionality.
    I installed the app from the OpenStore, and it seems to work, but I have some problem with search.
    I could try to fork the app and improve some functionality, but I'm not a developer and I never develop an app on UT for now...

  • Just a thought,but at the moment,you can go into the gmail app,
    then into your email (account)page
    ,then in the app menu in the top right corner go into Google maps,
    seems to find your position etc thru. wifi,maps etc

  • Here is OSMScout built for Xenial:
    It sort of works on MX4 but has all its flaws it always had.

    I am not an author of this app, so I don't understand how it works :), but if anyone wants to update it here is a Xenial compatible source that can be built using clickable:

  • OSMScout for Ubuntu is way outdated if you take into account the development of the library behind it - libosmscout. During this time, API has changed multiple times and the devs should be ready to work on these changes. Although, libosmscout community will help you via mailing list, if needed.

    In general, we should join forces in developing apps for Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish (I am working on that platform), and Plasma. There are many similarities (Qt/QML/Linux) and we could surely benefit from working together.

    As for offline vector maps, SFOS has progressed massively in the last few years. I am working on solution that provides offline/online OpenGL-accelerated maps, routing, search and spoken instructions. My solution was described here earlier at .

    Recent development in terms of offline server: I have ported GUI to QtQuick. This, in my eyes, should help bringing it to UT as well, if I understand your architecture correctly.

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