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  • i started with my nex 4 which i purchased to chase ut a few years ago. i lost track of ut for some but stumbled onto ubports. i am but a user but, wow, i like what i see. speaking of seeing my 73 yr old eyes had trouble seeing the cards on the solitaire game, so i got a nex 5. i had some difficulty getting ut installed on the 5x but eventually won out, and all is good. one of the nex 6 would be great if it ever gets ported. Question, is there a place where the imei is stored in settings? if there is i must have overlooked it. many thanks.

  • @dr1445 In the settings section tap on About and its in there.

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    @dr1445 yes, UBports is great! I'm glad you finally have your Nexus 5 running UT 🙂

    What version did you install?

    And yes, you can see your phone's IMEI going to System Settings > About

  • yes i finally did find the imei in "about". i just used the ut installer and it seems to be ver 15.04 [r3]. can i use terminal to update to 16.04 or do i just change from stable in settings>update>channels to "release candidate"? thanks

  • @dr1445 if you change now to RC on your 15.04 phone, it will be 15.04 RC (a dead end) not 16.04 RC, but if you can wait a week or so, the right change is going to appear magically on your phone 🙂

  • ok, on hold.

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