Get qDslrDashboard running on ubports

  • Hi,

    qDslrDashboard is a dslr camera conroller app, which is compiled for many platforms.

    Do you think, there is a way to get the raspberry-pi-version of qDslrDashboard running on a ubports-phone?

    Perhaps in a libertine-container, where I could install missing dependencies?
    How can I execute a script in the context of the container?
    Is there a way to get a "container-commandline" like in docker?

  • @luksus any improvement to camera-app is better to integrate it in that app code.

    About "container-commandline", maybe is this what you're looking for?

  • Ah, that manpage ist very helpfull.
    I want to execute a script in the scope of the container.
    And I'm not shure, if its needed to populate any working-paths to the container, but when it is needed, I want to know how.

    qDslrDashboard is not meant to control the internal phone camera.
    It is for controlling an external DSLR connected over wifi or usb.
    So integration into camera-app doesn't make sense.

    For now, I just want to figure out, what would be needed, to get it running on the phone.
    Then perhaps I could contact the developer to ask for a possibilities to create an uvports app...

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