• For users (as me), tested with Xenial.

    My method if i want to clean the file of TERMINAL in which are recorded command lines, with the phone only.

    • First, the file is .bash_history that I can see in FILE MANAGER (I must activate Show Hidden Files) under the folders when I am at HOME.

    • I Copy the file .bash_history.

    • Now i use TEDIT (of Fulvio)
      I must paste the file in

    • I must delete the point of .bash_history to get a file name bash_history (if i do not this operation the file isn't seen by TEDIT).

    • I Open the file with TEDIT.

    • I can see all the command lines used and now i can delete the lines i want.

    • I record the file after the modification operations.

    • I rename the TEDIT file bash_history in

    • I copy the TEDIT get file .bash_history

    • I paste the .bash_history in HOME : by this way i substitute the old file by the new file.

    Now when i open TERMINAL there are only the command lines i want.

    Maybe you can adjust the procedure.

    Good Cleaning !

  • @domubpkm you can edit any text file in your terminal using for example nano 🙂

    The terminal even has a dedicated layout for it.

    (See the terminal tutorials in https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/tag/blogs-2)

  • @advocatux Yes. Thanks. You right.
    What's i wrote is very basic but i hope it will be MAYBE usefull for somebody.

  • @domubpkm of course. Thank you for your how-to.

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