Apps / eMail for BQ E4.5 ?

  • Hello,
    I've got a BQ E4.5 with UBports Ubuntu touch ... is it normal, that Dekko2 / eMail App does not run on this smartphone? I have also problems with telegram, telegram web and web whatsapp ... they also don't work. :-(((( On original canonial ubuntutouch there was summergram ... a version of telegram which works and also dekko (one) ...
    Do you have an idea what I can do?

  • @rueding what UT version is running in your phone?

  • Currently, it is my understanding that there are issues with Dekko and it is not working on 16.04 (if that is the version that you are running). Also with the latest 16.04 updates there are issues with the browser on some sites (keeps crashing) and therefore webapps. The Telegram app though is working currently, but there are plans to completely overall it soon. What is the exact nature of the issue you are experiencing with Telegram?

    Like advocatux said, what build are you on? As the above would explain the issues if you are on 16.04, if not add a few more details or replication steps.

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