Telegram and 16.04/rc

  • Hi,
    just for fun (and maybe others have the same issue) i want to report a solved problem: After flashing my OPO with 16.04/rc i want to revive my exitisting Telegram Account. When i tapped the Icon Telegram started and want me to insert my Phone-number. I tried several times and nothing happens. Just the circle spinning...So i deinstalled Telegram and reinstalled it from OpenStore (the unoffical Version, not the WebApp).No deleting of special folders: And then? No asking for numbers, my Account recovered to health.

  • @nutzernam did you made your install on top of 15.04, and without checking the wipe option?

  • @advocatux My OPO came from 15.04/r3 stable. I used the UBports-Installer for the 16.04/rc. In the UBp-Installer i said "No" to the wipe option. I had to choose it , the default setting was "Yes"

  • @nutzernam I see, that's why Telegram didn't ask for anything, it had all the necessary info from your "old" configuration.

  • I remember when I updated to 16.04, I had this issue too on both my One PlusOne and my M10 tablet. I spoke about it on here and did the same as you un-installed the Telegram app. I too did not select the “wipe” option. After a bit, the one device started working and then the other a few days after. I too kept on getting the spinning circle after entering my phone number.

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