• Hi User,
    I have been trying out Ubuntu-touch 16.04 (2018-W31) on a OnePlus One over the last few days and i've noticed a couple of issues with bluetooth. I am able to connect to the various devices but they don't actually work for example I can connect to a bluetooth keyboard but when i try to type no characters appear. I can also connect my Chord Mojo but there is no sound through the headphones.

    How do you update the firmware without Cyanogen or Android it could be it just needs an update. Also, will a nano sim work from an existing phone without such an update?
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this area of handsets! Any advice from you guys would be fantastic

    Many thanks,

    Paul Shapley

  • @shapley there are some issues with bluetooh currently. Can you check if the problem you're experiencing is already reported?

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