WifiTransfer not connecting to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  • @pulsar33 Thanks for that reminder. I had forgotten about that. I will study it carefully and try to get my head round what is going on. As you may have gathered, I'm pretty much out of my depth here, but hope to learn as I go.

  • @pulsar33 As you suggested, I have experimented with filezilla. I installed this on both the netbook (ubuntu 16.04) and the laptop (ubuntu 18.04). After many attempts, I have been unable to achieve a connection between wifitransfer on my tablet and either my netbook or my laptop. I found filezilla complicated to use compared to nautilus on the netbook. With nautilus, wifitransfer appeared like magic in other locations and when selected, a dialogue popped requesting entry of the wifitransfer code. That was all that was needed. I can't understand why it can't work just as smoothly with ubuntu 18.04. I've spent hours trying to resolve this issue and I don't seem to be any futher forward.

  • @dtarrant :
    It seems more complicated because it is more generic and powerfull. This suggest was to verify what's working or not and you can do it ...

    Use this :

    To configure that :

    Then click connexion and you're done

  • @pulsar33 sorry if being daft but did you want the password visible on the first pic.

  • @lakotaubp : no problem, this is a local only exchange and WiFitransfer changes the password each time you launch it 🙂
    This is by the way one of the boring things with WiFitransfer. I use mainly uFtp instead (but that one needs to install a server on the laptop)
    Best regards

  • @pulsar33 Deep joy, progress! Your screenshots did the trick. I found out that my user name is ubuntu. I previously used phablet which I got from the terminal command line prompt. I've also just discovered that the port changes each time you start wifitransfer as well as the password. Anyway, I just managed to establish a connection between my netbook and wifitransfer using filezilla. Armed with this new information, I will now try connecting to my laptop. Many, many thanks for your patience.

  • @pulsar33 Brilliant! Filezilla on my laptop also connects to wifitransfer! What more could I wish for? Many thanks to everyone who contributed to solving my problem.

  • @dtarrant : You're welcome !
    All seems fine on each sides. You can now try to progress in understanding why Nautilus fails under 18.04
    Either the FTP client part of Nautilus has a problem or you didn't tell it the right things to connect.
    Good luck

  • @pulsar33 Thank you so much for encouraging me to persevere. I have just succeeded in transferring a folder of photos from my ubuntu 18.04 laptop to my M10 HD vivid tablet via wifi transfer. My previous mistake was to assume the procedure would be identical to when I was using the ubuntu 16.04 netbook. This time I needed to enter a server address of the type ftp://ubuntu@ into the other locations dialogue, together with the password generated by wifitransfer. Then everything worked smoothly after that and I became deliriously happy! This support group rocks! Thank you everybody. 🐧

  • @dtarrant : Yesss !
    Happy for you
    Best regards

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