Telegram won't sign in on Aquaris bq 4.5

  • hello, i get to the stage of entering the code that has been texted to me, but this just hangs with spinning wheel - when the 2 mins times out i get the option to try with another code but this doesn't work.
    After trying several times yesterday, today I had white screen on starting telegram. I deleted config and cache in terminal - now back to just not accepting sign-in code.
    Any ideas?

  • @adrianpatch Yes the Telegram login issue. If you use the search feature on this forum and put in telegram login, you will see this issue is an old not so favorite! For some it suddenly works after days of trying other straight away. Not that that helps you much. Have you tried reinstalling the unofficial telegram app(not the web app) from the openstore. Rebooting the device has helped some as has factory resetting. I never had a problem once I had the code only getting the code through to the device. I have even had to send the code to another device first.
    You didn't say which version of ubports your using 15 or 16.04. Installing 16.04 without the wipe option can cause issues. As I said read through the other posts and see what works but basically keep trying and you can always come back here for more info.

  • thank you - I will search for telegram login - I did not get anything of use when I searched only for telegram! My phone is running Ubuntu 15.04(r3) - I put it on yestarday after the phone had been gathering dust for a while!

  • @adrianpatch for what it's worth, because this is only my personal experience (YMMV), I had a more successful rate with Telegram when I'm logged already with another Telegram client (v.g. Telegram desktop) and they send the code to that client, instead of an SMS to my phone.

  • Hello again. I had several attempts and following advice on a thread I found I uninstalled, cleared config and cache, re-booted, reinstalled and then it hung at submitting tel no. - now just white screen when I start app. Don't think I can login with another client as I haven't set up the telegram account yet?

    Is it an issue with having 15.04 not 16.04? not sure how to upgrade to 16.04 - or even if possible/recommended for bq 4.5? Any further ideas gratefully accepted!

  • @adrianpatch You can set up a telegram account using your pc/laptop first. Signing in there may help the phone install. This issue is not specific to 15.04 or 16.04 just a general connection issue. It took me a few attempts to get the number accepted when setting up my OPO. I guess you are but you are using the international prefix for number. So it will just go ahead without reason sometimes.
    As for moving to 16.04 yes you can.My bq5 hd us on 16.04. Just put your phone into developer mode in system setting download the ubports installer and follow the on screen instruction. Oh and install ADB tools on your system as well

  • @adrianpatch Please install logviewer-app from Openstore, try to open Telegram and then switch to logviewer-app and upload the log to Ubuntu pastebin. Then send me the link.


  • @flohack First time doing this - it has given me the address
    There are several attempts on there!
    Does that tell you anything?

  • @lakotaubp I tried searching for this, but couln't find a way of setting up on a laptop running ubuntu. Maybe I will have to find someone with a windows PC.

    Are there upsides/downsides to upgrading to 16.04 as far as you are concerned?

  • S@adrianpatch only the lack of email client dekko2 which is now at the alpha stage. Everything else is pretty much covered and 16.04 stable is only a few weeks/end of month away as far as I know. There maybe more info in tonights Q&A So you may want to hang on till then
    As for telegram you cant create an account on their website via Firefox must be remembering things wrong sorry.

  • @lakotaubp thank you

  • @flohack Hello, I did as you suggested - see - maybe when you have a little time you could see if there is anything that might be of use in getting telegram working for me? Thanks

  • Interesting I see this:

    authSignInError_slt "PHONE_NUMBER_UNOCCUPIED"
    [20180818 14:13:50.962 BST qml: authNeeded true
    [20180818 14:13:50.963 BST qml: ui: PHONE_NUMBER_UNOCCUPIED error
    [20180818 14:13:50.964 BST onServerError msg:  6591048351356026880 :  400 :  "PHONE_NUMBER_UNOCCUPIED"

    This for sure is not ok, let me check with my Telegram friends why we get this... Do you already own a Telegram account?

  • Can you check if you got "Sign In" or "Sign Up" button when you enter your phone number and the code that is sent by SMS?

  • I am in USA, I tried to sign up with the device pro5 many times. It worked a few days ago.
    I would get the code back,enter it and wait forever.
    The one day I put in
    USA code +1 1 865 *** ****
    I got the code put it in and wallah it worked.

    By putting that other 1, in the number it worked.
    In the USA since cell phones took over that second number 1. is rarely used.
    Hope this helps

  • @lakotaubp I confirm that "For some it suddenly works after days of trying other straight away." I had the same issue and after few days of trying it suddenly worked. No idea why. Perhaps you need to have some level of motivation and patience to use Telegram on Ubuntu Touch and BQ Aquaris E4.5. 🙂 But we are lucky you do not need any special hacking skills. Motivation and patience is enough. 🙂

  • @flohack sorry for delay in getting back. I got 'sign in'. I think I did have an account a couple of years ago (same tel no.) - my understanding was that it would have been deleted after inactivity.

  • Yes, you should have got Sign Up instead of Sign In. I can send you a test click with extended debugging to adress this feature if you ping me on Telegram.

  • @flohack Hello - I am not sure what 'ping me on telegram' means! (and I can't sign in telegram). Sorry for being obtuse - if you give me more detail I will have a go...

  • @adrianpatch If you put into your pc/laptop browser you should find the page with the native apps on it. Cannot remember if you have a telegram account or not, but if you use one of them you know your details are correct and working. It may help with telegram on ubports.

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