Promotion as one of main categories on this forum

  • Hello Everyone!

    Fist of all, thanks to all of you for your brilliant work on Ubuntu Touch. Both to the developers and to people in the Community!

    I just realised about the stunning fact: none of the main categories in this forum reflect the need to promote Ubuntu Touch, or conquere the world for Ubuntu Touch. 🙂

    As you see the names of the main categories, there is a lot of "How to make it work" and "How to develop it". But I guess for most of us it is important that Ubuntu Touch will become a solution for thousands and millions of people across the Planet! We will not achieve it if there isn't even a main category in this forum named "Promotion" or "Maketing" or "Conquering the World". :)))

    So my humble request is: let's make a new main category for people who want to discuss and collaborate on promoting the Ubuntu Touch among friends, co-workers, neighbours, family and society in general. What do you think?

  • Hello,

    IMHO, Ubuntu Touch will easily conquere the world if and only if :

    • There is enough Core Apps free of major bugs
    • There is enough Hardware for which it works
    • People can easily develop or port applications
      Without that, you can do as many promotion as you want, it will be useless

    I'm not enough specialist to contribute to the 2 first points (maybe later if I survive enough ...) and we are far from the goal.
    I could help for the third point and would like that. Unfortunatly, no developpement framework for native applications or at least GUI applications seems to be available at this time for everybody who is not a specialist.

    So, it's a long way ...

  • Good point. I will talk to our marketing people, if they wanna come up with this, as it needs someone from them to give support and help.

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