OTA-4 : NEXUS 5 status.

  • Hello everybody,
    Firstly, thank to everybody to continue to develop and support the ubuntu phone. I'm a very daily happy user.

    I was very exiting when I saw in the News forum that the OTA-4 will be deliver today. I was very enthusiastic to test it even if it's recommended to wait for OTA-5. I looked in the milestone and backlog everything seems closed especially the scaling issue for convergence. I checked the changelog (from the Q&A 34) and it seems fine.
    But in reality, the bug seems to just move in OTA-5 milestone…

    I buy the nexus 5 a few month ago for convergence (as recommended on the promoted device page) and it works very well. I really like convergence and use it often.
    Now I would like to know what is the real status of the Nexus 5 with OTA-4 ?
    In particularly for the following points as it seems the most challenging things to port:

    • Convergence
    • Camera freeze
    • Libertine

    If I understand well, the anbox port is not ready for OTA-4.

    Thanks in advance if you could answer my questions.
    If not, I will try OTA-4 in few days and report my finding here.


  • @altor OTA-4 is just over 30 mins away. Keep an eye out for it and the accompanying blog post. You may find it very usfull, and thanks for your intrest.

  • @Lakotaubp thanks for your answer. I think I'm a little too enthusiast 🙂

    So, I try the OTA-4 and in addition to the blog post and to close my post :
    Convergence : scaling doesn't work as written here https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/632 Picture in slideshow mode with Gallery works.
    Camera freeze : as indicating in the blog post it didn't work
    Libertine : it works

    One remark about, the libertine application scales well with convergence (tested with shotwell).


  • @altor There is nothing wrong with a little enthusiasam

  • We needed to come forward with 16.04 badly, so we left aside various annoying bugs, yes we know. But making xenial happen was far more important. Excuse our dust 😉

  • Ubuntu Touch OS 16.04 OTA-4 On Nexus 5


  • @flohack you right and it's not an issue. But, maybe you could add in the changelog that convergence doesn't work with xenial ? I think it's a very important part of the ubports.

  • Hi.

    I am a USER who has a Nexus 5 impacted :

    Be carreful if you want to buy a NEXUS 5 because of this annoying bug afecting LG-D821 LG-D820 :

    Overheating in some circomstances. So the phone is ALMOST unusable. Or not easily usable.

    See :


    FOR ME, I can't only use my Nexus 5 as a hotspot without overheating.

    It's seems to be topical yet with 16.04 Xenial.

    I can't tell you what are the nexus 5 without this problem.

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