Nexus 5 graphics problem

  • Hi. I appreciate this could be more Nexus than UBPorts, but would appreciate any insights. I got a used 16GB Nexus 5 from a well known on-line supplier (not giving any adverts) about a month ago. I installed 16 on it and it has worked brilliantly for me. Yesterday, it suddenly got really hot at the bottom of the screen, in the middle, and the graphics began to distort to the point that I couldn't use it. It continues to do this.

  • @negations it sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one. I don't have that issue with my Nexus 5 running xenial.

    What xenial version are you using exactly? Do you remember what you were doing when your phone started to get hot? Is the battery in good state?

  • @advocatux I know it isn't software as OTA4 is working like a charm on my main phone which is a BQ 4.5. This one is running OTA4 as well. The one thing I can think is that I took it cycling with me and I got quite wet, although it was in my pocket. Though I have done that a few times. The phone is working, but the screen is blue tinged with graphic lines through it and eventually stops being responsive. It gets hot on the front just above the micro usb charger. It was second hand, so might have had issues anyway and I can't vouch for the battery. I have had the back off and looked at the area where it gets hot, but can't see anything obvious. It seems to be related to the screen driver, but not sure what is getting so hot. The battery connector is near that point.

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