Have you told your local/national paper about UBports?

  • I have done that today. Not the big newspaper (that will probably be tomorrow) but the magazine that my alternative-encouraging bank publishes. Why? because they have a reach to people that might be interested in the idea of a collectively run OS, that is an alternative to Google and iOS.

    Just a simple thought - but one so obvious that others might have forgotten about it. When we publish stories like this in IT magazines, there is a risk of preaching to the choir, or to the lions. Neither will get the word spread.

    And it seems to me that there is a good story to be told here, from a journalistic perspective, about how the project originally was dropped, but then revived and now even has moved beyond the place where it was left off.

    That might help create the community buzz that will make more "laypeople" (such as myself) aware of the benefits of Ubuntu Touch and in turn, push some of the hardware manufacturers (such as FP) to think more actively about joining forces with UBports.

    Any thoughts?

  • I mentioned UBports on Treehugger.com last week.

  • @3arn0wl do you have a more specific link?

  • @3arn0wl It is about the 6s Iphone?

  • Hmmm, How about some kind of form “ information sheet ” some thing that could be sent out en mass,all at once,and periodically, IE, have a big addresse book / file/ folder ,and kill all the birds with one hit.

  • @lindisfarne can you please tell which paper to avoid asking the same institution again?

  • @thebird - Yeah. I agree with the sentiment of the article - that we really oughtn't to be replacing perfectly good hardware every year, and that planned obsolescence is iniquitous. I didn't agree with the solution offered - going back to a model whose OS wasn't going to be supported, and whose apps would, over time, cease to work. Hence I mentioned the option of UBports' maintained OS on perfectly serviceable hardware.

  • Great idea.

    Another angle similar to that is getting local colleges/universities aware through their Computer Science Clubs (some actually have FOSS/linux clubs too). Having them cover it, and in turn the university papers, could not just bring in new people, but new volunteers to the project.

    Anyway, whether it is a school paper, or local/national, press release templates are a good way to jump start that so folks don't have to "create from scratch" every single time. I wonder building something like this would be helpful in getting folks the confidence to share...essentially, a press page is a bunch of templates that makes it easier for reporters to cover it.

    The press page contains a "press kit"...sometimes in the page, and in zip folders (with logos, headshots of core devs, origin story summarized, etc.)


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