Linphone App Now In OpenStore

  • UBports News Channel, [02.10.18 01:03]
    Hey there, UBports! We just heard a little secret...

    ...Someone said that Linphone has just landed in the Open Store.
    It's Ubuntu Touch's very first dedicated SIP app which allows VOIP calling - now!
    In fact, you can even use it to make regular telephone calls, too!

    You can create a free account -right in the app - and start calling other Ubuntu Touch users and anyone else who can use the famous Linphone software and services.

    Join the party and keep up the good work!

    Special thanks to @cibersheep and @bhdouglass for all the endless hours of work on this app.

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  • @lakotaubp thanks for developpers for this great app.

    Some points are not very clear for me :

    • audio and video calls, are they basic encrypted ? If not, is it possible and how to ?

    • is audio and video calls are stored, recorded after our calls on a server when we use domain ? or an other domain ?

    So, it is about privacy level for the two first questions. And another different question :

    • Is it possible to change email in account parameters ?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

  • Hello!
    Thanks for the hype, notification and questions.

    • the Linphone app currently diesn't support encryption. It's planned for next releases. Supposedly is possible with the code but all the help is welcomed.
    • About privacy, here you have the legal aspects of Linphone service. Notice that when stted «contact list on your phone» and similars, they are talking about iOS and Android Linphone apps.
      Linphone for UT uses the command line Linphone, called linphonec and the daemon linphonecsh and you can see here the modification Brian did to it and the qml code used in the app.
    • Here you can check how SIP should work as a protocol.
    • And to change the email parameter for a Linphone account, you have to do it (for now) at their website or creating a «new account» in the app and checking the bottom section (witch is actually the same website).

  • @cibersheep thanks very much for your answer. Congratulations and very good development for this fundamental app.

  • Thank you ❤

  • Great news that there is finally a SIP-app for UT! Thank all the people involved in creating this port.

  • Has anyone running Linphone with - I can’t get any connection to the server ...

  • @elastic Hi. Do you mind adding some info to this issue?

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