Are we forgetting the little bugs?

  • @lakotaubp I have also had a double boot issue, but on my PRO 5. I never gave it too much thought, though. I do not often reboot my phone.

  • Force of habit with me, restart after app updates etc. Lets see if things have changed with OTA-5 though not sure exactly what effect that might have. So far we have two devices with the issue I think but info on UBports version and channel is missing.

  • @Lakotaubp sure lets see as I still have not got the double boot on shut down after the latest upgrade. However, still getting the double start up issue.

  • I've had this double boot issue for a long time on my E4.5 running stable. I also hoped that this would be fixed with the next OTA-update, but after every update nothing changed.
    I didn't want to wipe the phone because it's my daily driver so I searched for the problem. In my case it was a corrupt media database. I deleted


    and then reboot the phone. After that everything was fine again.

  • @Flohack @Lakotaubp guys we have a few people mentioning this double boot issue on at least two devices now and we seem to have a potential fix by "kristatos".

    Would this be a good time to have this looked into, so others do not have to just put up with it?

    @Flohack is you need this testing, you know you only have to give me a shout on Telegram.

  • @ukphil Can you check if you have that .db first. If you do you could try removing it and see what happens. I'll be back in about 8 hours. Good luck.

  • @Lakotaubp I have just tried to access /userdate in Filemanager (unlocked) and it will not let me in. I will have to try at home in a few hours.

  • @ukphil Same with me.Lets see later. Thanks

  • @lakotaubp the location mentioned by @kristatos can also be accessed as /home/phablet/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db

  • @arubislander thanks for that, I was able to locate the item mentioned by @kristatos and remove it. I did not want to delete it straight away in case it all went wrong, so I moved it to another folder.

    @Lakotaubp I can confirm that after moving the mentioned media database I have restarted my DPD a number of times (by shut down & restart) and each time it has booted up just once. Not I get past the two lots of scrolling dots, I get three lots and then the login screen. I will monitor this for some time and see how it goes, but initial tests are promising.

    Is there any way we can get this fix/delete of corrupt media database in the next release to help all those that have this issue but may not of read this thread? Seems a nice quick and easy fox.

    @kristatos you are a star for finding that out and adding it here. Like I say initial tests are very promising. Thank you so much for adding your fix here and helping me and all the others out who have this issue. Cracking work mate.

  • @ukphil Keep an eye and report back here in a few days. If you could check the bug reports on github and see if one matches this and the fix works you can add it to that if not. Probably best to create a new bug report then add this as a fix. That way it won't get missed. Thanks for thework everyone.

  • Awesom! Thats exactly how users can help the devs. I think now theres a reasonable chance to get that fixed. Well done community! 🙂

  • @hummlbach Quite right a great example of community pulling together to sort through an issue. Once again thanks to all those involved : )

  • I can confirm that the fix given does actually work. Last night there was a system update (version 18) that I installed. After this install the double boot issue came back again. On checking the "/.cache/mediascanner-2.0/mediastore.db" was back again, so I removed it again and since then no double boot.

    No worries about adding the bug report, but do you want to @kristatos as it is your hard work that has found the fix, I am just the tester 🙂

  • Nice to hear that this fix works for other people with this issue also. @UKPhil I'm not sure if there's already a bugreport for this issue, if not you can add one and post my fix.

  • Cool will do and will post the number here.

  • As an update I have noticed that most times I delete this db it will vome back. I think the fix has not worked when I get a double boot, only to find it back again.

  • @ukphil That sounds like proof! Do you have the bug number yet?

  • To be clear, when people are saying "double boot" here, they do not actually mean that the phone reboots right? If so, I don't see how the mediascanner db could cause that.

  • @dobey this has been covered about 17 comments from the top

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