Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!

  • @ashleycrue welcome to UBports have a look here https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to get you started. There plenty of ways to help out and we are always greatfull for the help send @wayneoutthere a pm on telegram if he doesn't get back to you shortly.
    Edit : Have contacted Wayne please go ahead and pm him. Thanks.

  • Hello guys

    I am a louies (nickname) is a student and also a ubuntu tohch phone (although I don't have any one phone that can support ubuntu tohch) and unity 8 fans

    What can be assisted at present is ui concept design and software translation (currently only English is translated into Chinese traditional)

    Hope is to be able to help

    Ps English not my language

  • Hi, My name is Sebastian (nick: obacht). I am a developer in the medical device business doing design control and risk management.
    I very much like the idea of (re–)using stuff as long as the material lasts and to e.g. not buy a new phone every few months as well as the ideas behind UT and becoming more independent from and less involved with g**gle, apple and the like. I am not experienced with GNU/Linux, coding and so on but I think itˋs always good to have a few dummies around for testing of the gui and feedback :–)
    I bought me a used n5 for testing and I am looking forward to the day that UT has everything I need in a daily driver (from what I see and tried until now I am only missing the option of generic carddav sync — and there are people working on it)
    After a few weeks reading and posting here I must say I do like and appreciate the warmth and dedication in that forum. Thank you all and keep up the good work and spirit.
    Best regards from Jena (germany)

  • Very happy to have you both on-board. I know you've both had a look around but this link may be worth a look https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome You know where we are if you need anything else : )

  • @cibersheep Thank you for the welcome, I have installed the app and tried to use with varying degrees of success but connection seems a big issue. I am going to try contacting the developer or post on the forum over the next few hours.

    @Lakotaubp Thankyou as well, I have sent him a PM

  • Hi

    I'm a linux user since suse 6.x or so (so you can tell I am really old) coming from Germany. I am in an endless quest to ban Windows/iOS from all my systems, which is largely successful - except that I have to have Windows boot option on my desktop for tax declaration. But anyway, that is only fired up once a year.

    After the Youyota tablet turned out to be a scam (luckily I put no money in it) and Purism shelved their librem11 for now, I got my hands on a new BQ M10 FHD and started to install UBports. After I realised that I had to install android-tools on my Suse laptop (is that somewhere in the docs?), everything went smoothly

    I should come clean: I prefer SuSE + KDE. So I hope I will not get banned from here to never speak again...

    I now also managed to get the libertine container installed. After I removed a link that pointed to nowhere (maybe from the system-settings set-up that did not work for me? Should I report that here or on github?) I was able to install a container. Now I got emacs and orgmode running the only thing left is

    • setting up the modifier and arrow keys for emacs in the terminal
    • waiting for the purism librem5 to also have a linux phone

    Thanks to the ubports community for all the hard work!

  • @lichten Welcome to UBports. Have a look here o help get you started https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome

  • @lichten hi & welcome!

    • Have you tried to run windows and that tax software in a VM? I think that combo is way better than dual-boot.
    • There are a lot of veterans here in this project, so you aren't alone 🙂
    • I'm waiting for a Librem5 as well.
    • I prefer Debian + KDE 😄

  • @lakotaubp Thanks for the hint about the telegram group - I'll think about it.

  • @advocatux
    I had Windows VM running at some point, but I found it easier to dual boot, but I guess it is a matter of taste

    "Veteran" sounds so much better - from now on I am not a long time (old) linux user, but a veteran linux user 😉

  • @lichten we're on Matrix too 🙂

  • @lichten How old is a vet. (65 here), oh, Welcome Aboard

  • Hallo!

    Wie so einige andere Teilnehmer bin auch ich eifriger Linux-Nutze (seit ca. 20 Jahren) und verdränge Windows so weit wie möglich.
    Gerne würde ich auch auf Android verzichten, da die Datensicherheit durch ein Google-System sicherlich nicht besser ist, als bei Windows. Daher habe ich bereits vor einigen Jahren versucht, ein vernünftiges Linux-System (vorwiegend Lubuntu) auf Tablets zu installieren - leider nur mit eingeschränktem Erfolg.
    Nachdem ich ebenfalls vor einigen Jahren ein Video von Mark Shuttleworth gesehen habe, auf dem er Ubuntu auf einem Smartphone gezeigt hat und präsentierte, wie dieses durch den Anschluss an einen Monitor als vollwertiger Computer zu nutzen ist, wollte ich das auch haben.
    Erst geraume Zeit später habe ich mir dann ein BQ Aquaris 5 mit Ubuntu Touch gekauft.
    Meine Erwartungen, ein handliches System zu bekommen, das so flexibel und mit so vielen Paketen ausgestattet ist, wie ein Desktop oder zumindest wie ein Raspberry Pi, wurden leider stark enttäuscht.
    Dennoch habe ich dem Ubuntu Touch eine Weile eine Chance gegeben, musste jedoch erkennen, dass es im alltäglichen Gebrauch mit einem Android-Handy nicht konkurrieren kann.
    Nachdem dann auch noch eine Funktionsstörung beim Erkennen von Funknetzwerken dazu kam, die ich auch mit einer frühen Version von UBports nicht beheben konnte, habe ich das Gerät bis vor einigen Monaten "pausiert".
    Ich hatte mich dann also vor kurzem dazu entschieden, alle Daten und Einstellungen auf dem Gerät zu löschen und das neueste UBports (OTA-5) von Grund auf zu installieren.
    Bedauerlicher Weis musste ich erkennen, dass viele Apps, die ich vorher installiert hatte, unter dem neuen System nicht mehr funktionieren. Außerdem stürzt dieses angeblich stabile System vergleichsweise oft ab.
    Meine Erfahrungen als Nutzer möchte ich daher gerne zum Anlass nehmen, die Lücken möglichen Verbesserungen der Community bekannt zu geben und - sofern es meine Zeit und meine Programmierkenntnis erlauben - bei der Behebung zu helfen.
    Ein Kritikpunkt ist z.B., dass bereits die Anmeldung zu diesem Forum mit einigen Hindernissen versehen war und mir vom UBports-Handy gar nicht möglich war.

    Ich hoffe hier einige konstruktive Beiträge leisten zu können.

  • @preduntu said in Welcome to the UBports community! Introduce yourself here!:


    Servus! Das Forum ist eigentlich nur englischsprachig, daher würde ich dich ersuchen die folgende Telegram- Gruppe aufzusuchen, dort kannst du auch gerne in Deutsch weiter mitdskutieren: https://t.me/UBports_Deutsch

    lg Florian

  • “Like so many other participants, I am also an avid Linux user (for about 20 years) and oust Windows as much as possible.
    I would also like to do without Android, because the data security through a Google system is certainly not better than Windows. Therefore, I tried a few years ago, a reasonable Linux system (mainly Lubuntu) to install on tablets - unfortunately only with limited success.
    After watching a video from Mark Shuttleworth a couple of years ago, showing Ubuntu on a smartphone and showing how to use it as a fully fledged computer by connecting it to a monitor, I also wanted it.
    Only some time later I bought a BQ Aquaris 5 with Ubuntu Touch.
    My expectations of getting a handy system that is as flexible and packed with as many packages as a desktop, or at least a Raspberry Pi, have been greatly disappointed.
    Still, I gave the Ubuntu Touch a chance for a while, but had to realize that it can not compete with an Android phone in everyday use.
    After a malfunction was detected in the detection of wireless networks, which I could not fix even with an early version of UBports, I have "paused" the device until a few months ago.
    So I recently decided to delete all the data and settings on the device and install the latest UBports (OTA-5) from scratch.
    Regrettably, I realized that many apps that I had previously installed did not work under the new system. In addition, this allegedly stable system crashes comparatively often.
    I would therefore like to use my experiences as a user to announce the gaps in possible improvements to the community and - if my time and my programming knowledge permit - to help with the correction.
    One point of criticism is, for example, that the registration for this forum already had some obstacles and was not possible for me from the UBports mobile phone.

    I hope to be able to make some constructive contributions here.”

    @Preduntu I have taken the liberty of translating your post above.

    Welcome to UBports have a look here https://ubports.com/telegram-welcome to start you off as well as the German group suggested by @Flohack. As Florian said the forum is in english so please provide a translation for other users.

  • @lakotaubp: Sorry, I turned on the automatic translation and therefore I felt kind of native.
    As wished I can express myself also in English.
    Thank you for the translation.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Denny. I've been interested in UT development for the past 3 years. Since it was still Cannonical. Im a huge fan. I can even say a fanatic, all that concerns UT and Unity. But I always read a lot and watched everything, studied, worked, read books on different programming languages, programmed for myself. Now there is a time that I can finally devote myself completely to what I have always been interested in. I want to contribute a lot to my favorite project, in any sphere. What do you need most? In what area (programming language) should I focus all my time and attention? I learn very quickly, especially for a project that means so much to me. I myself work as a translator for more than half of my life (German-Russian), and for 12 years I have been repairing phones, tablets, etc., I have my own service. Soldering, replacement of parts, firmware, etc. I myself only use Linux mainly Debian. I would like you to send me to the most necessary area for you and I would start working in the coming days. To not learn everything in a row (like me). And I worked on one thing that you advise. For a long time I have been very much watching the project and at the same time stand aside. I would like to spend time with benefit and already purposefully. Sorry, English is not my native language. Now I have a Nexus 5. Before that, I used the Nexus 4 and OnePlusOne. Really looking forward to your reply. I have everything in my arsenal. Including money. Thank you so much for your work and for the continuation of the UT project.

  • @dennydaad hi & welcome. If you're interested in helping the project with your programming skills but you don't know how or where to start, you can take a look to the open issues labeled "help wanted" or "good first issue" here https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues

    Most of the code is at https://github.com/ubports/ You can take a look at it too to see if something catch your eye.

    If you want to sponsor UT, please see https://ubports.com/donate 🙂

  • Hello there, my name is Erik. I have been using Linux exclusively for about 9 months. I saw a video about Ubiports and decided to give it a try. So I bought a Nexus 5 and installed it. I have been using it exclusively as my main phone since, about 3 days

  • Hello, my name is Rick, or tygerpro, I am currently unemployed but I have been doing manual labor or IT based jobs in the past. I first tried Ubuntu touch many years ago on a Asus tf201, and loved it, even though it was a half finished port. I have a Note 4 that I thought would be a good candidate for UT since it is a workhorse and has a stylus (a key reason ingot the note 4) and since I didn't see anyone working on it, I decided to start my contribution to something I personally would like on all my devices. I am willing to learn and help others where possible, and I am always open to a discussion if it pertains to UT or Ubuntu in general.

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