Nexus 4 OTA 5 Recorder app

  • I was pleased to see the arrival of Recorder on OpenStore. I have the previous version on my OTA 3 tablet and it's a nice app. I installed the new version on my N4 and the user interface worked fine, but it wouldn't record anything. It was as if the microphone was dead. However, the microphone works fine for phone calls.
    I also have Guitar Tools installed and that works fine except for the record tool.
    I would like to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.
    A quick trawl of the internet revealed that the microphone is locked down on the N4 and some android recorder apps can only be installed in developer mode.

  • Hi @dtarrant - I just downloaded it on my N5. It seems to be working well... It's a nice looking app.

    It did ask for permission to use the microphone the first time I opened it.

  • @dtarrant hi, another user is commenting that the forked Recorder app is not working in his N4 either (I've pinged him).

    Fwiw it's working fine in my N5 and in my BQ E4.5

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