Auto correct issues

  • It may be my device but when I type, unless the word is 90% spelt correct the options that the auto correct come up with are way out there and wrong.

    This is not the case with andriod or ios. They seem to get word correct far more often then UT. I kniw some may say learn to spell but it looks like it is not workimg as good as could be. Also if English is noy a users first language they may not know the word is wrong.

    Is it me or are others findimg this an issue.

  • @ukphil Hi. I can say that : For me, autocompletion doesn't work fine with morph-browser. It works fine with oxyde browser on 15.04 and before with UT 16.04 too. See for example with duduckgo : with old browser, it works with the first character and with morph-browser, to summary, i must enter some characters and after delete one or two to get a result.

  • I think @UKPhil is talking about autocorrect, a global keyboard feature, and not autocompletion which is a per-application feature.

  • Yes it is more when I am typing an email or text message.

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