Dekko and Dekko2 for 16.04-OTA5

  • I flashed one of my BQ E4.5 to 16.04-OTA5. In the OpenStore I can only see Dekko2, not the older Dekko which I still use in my other E4.5 with OTA-3. Is Dekko now only available as Dekko2. Can I have somehow my old Dekko back?

    When I start Dekko2, it starts creating a New account (which is normal as there isn't any) and is asking about the account type Google ... IMAP, POP3, SMTP.

    My mailbox is a server of my ISP and I have to use IMAP for fetch and SMTP for send. What is the idea behind choosing an account's type between IMAP/POP3/SMTP, instead of creating the account and ask then for the downstream (IMAP) and upstream (SMTP) config values?

    And, what should I select in my case?

  • @guru If you choose imap and start the process and enter basic details,name, email address etc then hit next button. Once this stage is completed you can edit incoming and outgoing setting via dekko2 setting, mail, accounts. The same as for Dekko.

  • I have in my daily driver E4.5 four mail accounts of different servers, all are of the typr IMAP+SMTP, and I just wanted to copy over via SCP all that config.

    In addition, the question of Dekko2 about the config of the account: Google....IMAP, POP, SMTP is a bit misleading and clumsy. All my accounts are IMAP for downstrean and SMTP for upstream, and not or

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