no voice messages on telegram

  • since OTA-5 there are no voice messages anymore. the record button is still available. when you press it, it looks like the app is recording. after finishing the voice message, nothing is sent.

    Is this a known bug? telegram update planned?

    (Meizu MX4 - OTA-5 rc v.18)

  • Sorry but audio recording broke due to changes on 16.04, and audio playback broke due to API update. We shall see, new Telegram version is already in the works, but for the old one I will try to make some limited support to get this going again.


  • plans to fix voice massages in the actual version? would be great to have this function back.

    is there a roadmap for the new telegram version? are we talking about weeks or a half year?
    would be nice to get some more information. thx for continuing your great work!

  • This post is deleted!

  • As flo said, we are working on a completly new Telegram app that will support audio and actually is ready to playback audio files. You can get a alpha version of it if it's really urgent but, we think it will be ready end of the year.

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