Morph Browser bugs

  • is there any bug known ?
    on my BQ 4.5 with newest stable OTA the device reboots suddenly after opening some links in new tabs.

  • @ksalver The best thing to do is first check and see if the issues has already been reported with any app. This is the github for morph browser This will give you an idea of the current situation. Morph browser is being worked on heavily at present to solve theses issues and these can be seen on the daily dev channel updates.
    If you want try it out update to the dev channel in system settings, updates and give it a try. You can always go back to stable or rc after.

  • @ksalver it reboots the device or just unity?

    On a related note, krillin has only 1GB of RAM so you need to be careful with how many tabs you open 😉

    Tip: Installing and enabling uAdBlock helps too.

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