uNav on N5

  • Reinstalled uNav on N5, cleared cache with UT Tweak and went for a walk to try it out. I had N5 on mobile network.

    1. When I tried to uNav to find my location, it found me in Sweden, more than 1000 kms from where I live.
    2. Cleared the cache again with UT Tweak, and then pointed to my location manually and clicked search my location. It found me about 300m away from where I was. But the green ball icon placed me exactly where I was.
    3. Put a destination manually, and started walking, the going on the wrong direction. to check if it would find the way I am moving and correct the path. The green ball went as I went, but the blue line stayed the original path it showed. After about 5 minutes walking, the blue line jumped to the correct path.
    4. The map was showing sort of upside down, while the blue line looked all right. So, I turned the map with my fingers, turning it 180 degrees. It should turn by itself like Google Maps do, but didn't.
    5. Nice thing is it found even the internal paths our housing scheme, which Gmaps won't.
    6. What I couldn't do is to put 2-3 connecting destinations. I don't know how.

    I am back home now, and the green ball shows where I am exactly, inside the block of flat. But, the location (the red marker) is found about 300m away.

    Any help appreciated. :)

  • @chdslv did you reboot your phone after making those changes? IIRC you need to do it after removing Unav's cache.

    I think @costales still reads this forum, maybe he can give you some better directions (no pun intended).

  • @advocatux Yes, I did. I read all forum posts on uNav. Btw, other two navigation/map apps also have problems. I'll test uNav for while. Hope @costales read the forums. What I wrote in OP is what I found atm. Maybe, others are testing it too.

  • @chdslv I'm using unav and another tracking app (Activity Tracker) and in both GPS works as expected in a Nexus 5 16.04.

  • @wgarcia said in uNav on N5:

    @chdslv I'm using unav and another tracking app (Activity Tracker) and in both GPS works as expected in a Nexus 5 16.04.

    Same for me - no problems on nexus 5 except it still takes some time getting first GPS fix

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