YouTube problem on M10 tablet after upgrade to OTA 5 stable

  • Youtube was working fine with OTA 4 stable on my M10 tablet. Then I installed OTA 5 stable and it now no longer works. If I try to launch it with either the webapp or the browser, the home page appears for an instant and is then replaced by an error message with a request to reload via the gadget at the foot of the page. I tried that and just got the same error message.
    BTW, Youtube works fine with OTA 5 rc on my Nexus 4. One thing I've noticed is that the user agent is different between these two devices. I would be interested in your comments please.

  • @dtarrant Youtube web app 1.3.1 working for me m10fhd dev (207).

  • I'm pleased to report that this issue was resolved by replacing my youtube app with the one by Alan Pope. Youtube now runs sweetly on my tablet.

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