BQ E4.5: SIM card not seen on power-on

  • Hello,

    This morning I found the E4.5 of my son completely off due to battery empty. After recharging and power-on it could not see any SIM card anymore, not even mine and not in both trays. It just started normal, but without seeing any SIM and ofc not asking for the PIN.

    Only a reset to factory state brought it back to normal. Any idea what could cause this and what could be done without a reset?


  • @guru
    I have a Chuwi lap/pad, which,when the battery goes dead, loses the bios settings,goes back to factory settings, a pain when triple booting.
    because it has no backup battery like a regular laptop.
    I hope some one,can throw some light on it for you

  • @guru Hi. I don't know if it could have been a solution for you, but first, when i have a problem with a SIM, i do this : i switch off the phone, i remove the SIM, i put again the SIM, i restart the phone.

  • @domubpkm The same for me. It happens from time to time with my 4.5, but always recovered after reboot, so far.

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