Observations on battery life - please share your experiences

  • @jezek said in Observations on battery life - please share your experiences:

    As I wrote in another thread:

    I have the same experience on FP2 with OTA3 (15.04).
    If wifi is on, there is a huge battery drain (~36% in 12 hours).
    If wifi is off, the battery drain is much lower (~6% in 12 hours).

    So, on FP2 (OTA3) with minimum usage and

    • wifi off - something above a week (~ 7 days)
    • wifi on - something above one day (~ 1 day)

    Note: I was a while on OTA5, the battery drain was like on OTA3
    Note2: Mobile data off

    On my previous BQE5HD with original Canonical UT, the operational time with wifi on (and mobile data on) was about 4-5 days.

    Edit: typos
    Edit2: updated details on mobile data

    Same experience with my FP2

  • I think, battery duration got slightly better on FP2.

    Last observation on 2019-W06 resulted in battery drain 21% in 15 hours (~17% in 12 hours) with Wifi on, mobile data & bt off and no usage (conditions as my previous tests).

    This is worse than on android, but 2x better, than last year OTAs. Good work, keep it up. 👍 Sooner or later battery usage will be as good as on android. 😉

  • I changed the scaling on my PRO 5 from 21 to 15 with UTTT. Since then I have noticed a marked increase in battery life. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

  • Under normal circumstances my Nexus 5 is loosing 2%/hr in flight mode and display off
    This morning however, it had lost about 70% in 7 hrs ... it might have been the location service as the icon still has been white when I woke the display ... I had a bad network reception when I opened the clock app before going to bed to switch on the alarm and I think it started searching for the location for the time zone and kept searching even after switching to flight mode ..
    So it might very well be related to not recognizing the network status on the Nexus 5 and so not stop searching and scanning ...

  • So about two weeks ago my phone started to have battery life problems.

    Would go from full charge to dead in a few hours. So I purchased a replacement battery thinking that would solve the issue. Sadly it has not helped. My last full charge was two and a half hours ago and I'm down to 18% left. In that time I used the browser for maybe 20 minutes and made one call that lasted 5-6 minutes the rest of the time the phone was not in use.

    Anyone have some pointers? or tricks I can try?

    I was getting 14-16 hours of moderate use a day before this started to happen.

    Phone: Nexus 5
    OS: (OTA-7) stable
    Kernel: 3.4.0-cyanogenmod-g266fa0

  • Can you think of anything that changed those two weeks ago? Did you install Anbox, for instance?

  • @arubislander I did install Anbox, on the 12th as I needed to use a ticket app to get in to a concert. At the time I also had the Dekko 2 app, and on the Friday after turning the phone back on the app was gone. So I reinstalled the OS using the installer with the full wipe box checked on Saturday hoping that would help with the battery. I installed the new battery on Monday. Right now I'm down 33% from full charge in one hour.

  • @SirBilly Not saying it isn't, but is the new battery good quality. There was someone a few months ago having the same problem and it turned out the 'New' battery wsan't as good as they thought. Just an idea.

  • @Lakotaubp I hope that is the problem, I have another one as I ordered two. I will swap it out when I get home. Would there be anything else I can try software side of things? reload OS again?

  • Here is my small feedback on my daily driver FP2 for which i almost never switch on wifi except for hotspot since 3/4 months, the battery consumption has improved drastically as i generally charge it every other day and reboots are now consumming 3% vs 10% before:

    • that's me in vacation, so rarely using my phone actually:

    • and me after 8h in a conf call by phone:


  • @SirBilly Sorry but I have not found anything conclusive My battery change improved my nexus and OTA-6 helped to. Other than that no, but I have not had such a battery drain as you on the nexus. I now use a OPO so no new info.

    Edit: This is the battery I got Polarcell Li-Polymer Akku LG Google Nexus 5 (item No 01000596) from Wannsee Electronic in Germany and cost £18.86 from ebay.

  • @Lakotaubp wanted to give an update, sadly no fix for the battery drain, I reloaded android to rule out the OS as the problem no luck there, switched back to Ubports, now I've lost the option to turn on hotspot / use the wifi. Looking to be more of a hardware problem now. oh well, think I will try and reload the OS again to see if I can at least get the wifi to work 👍

  • @SirBilly Sorry to hear that. Hope you find a solution.

  • I just bought a second and very old Nexus 5 and installed the same ut as on my first N5. I found out that the second N5 has less problems with accu drain than my first one. If I do this night test (see above) my first N5 (with the new battery) looses nearly the double compared to my second N5 with the very old battery.

    So probably there are some accus for the N5 on the market which were confusing us a bit ?

    So with this very old and original battery I am really very fine with the N5 !!

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