Observations on battery life - please share your experiences

  • @SirBilly Not saying it isn't, but is the new battery good quality. There was someone a few months ago having the same problem and it turned out the 'New' battery wsan't as good as they thought. Just an idea.

  • @Lakotaubp I hope that is the problem, I have another one as I ordered two. I will swap it out when I get home. Would there be anything else I can try software side of things? reload OS again?

  • Here is my small feedback on my daily driver FP2 for which i almost never switch on wifi except for hotspot since 3/4 months, the battery consumption has improved drastically as i generally charge it every other day and reboots are now consumming 3% vs 10% before:

    • that's me in vacation, so rarely using my phone actually:

    • and me after 8h in a conf call by phone:


  • @SirBilly Sorry but I have not found anything conclusive My battery change improved my nexus and OTA-6 helped to. Other than that no, but I have not had such a battery drain as you on the nexus. I now use a OPO so no new info.

    Edit: This is the battery I got Polarcell Li-Polymer Akku LG Google Nexus 5 (item No 01000596) from Wannsee Electronic in Germany and cost £18.86 from ebay.

  • @Lakotaubp wanted to give an update, sadly no fix for the battery drain, I reloaded android to rule out the OS as the problem no luck there, switched back to Ubports, now I've lost the option to turn on hotspot / use the wifi. Looking to be more of a hardware problem now. oh well, think I will try and reload the OS again to see if I can at least get the wifi to work 👍

  • @SirBilly Sorry to hear that. Hope you find a solution.

  • I just bought a second and very old Nexus 5 and installed the same ut as on my first N5. I found out that the second N5 has less problems with accu drain than my first one. If I do this night test (see above) my first N5 (with the new battery) looses nearly the double compared to my second N5 with the very old battery.

    So probably there are some accus for the N5 on the market which were confusing us a bit ?

    So with this very old and original battery I am really very fine with the N5 !!

  • Nexus 5

    Battery life is nearly as good as I was running LineageOS.
    I lasts for a day with UBports (2019-W42).

    Happy with this.

  • @magdesign Are you on stable or devel?
    I switched my daily drive from MX4 to Nexus 5 but so far it seems that I have a bit of battery drain and I'm not getting a good standby battery life unlike on MX4.

  • Currently on stable.
    Also run 2 days on dev branch.

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