No audio when a TV is connected to the phone via SlimPort/HDMI #344

  • I am disappointed that this bug does not appear to be a priority. My Blackberry Playbook had this feature working years ago. Surely this is a fundamental requirement if we wish to talk about convergence. The comment by @dobey on github implies that if it's not supported by pulse-audio, then it won't get fixed. Surely that's not good enough? What do others think?

  • I just found some stuff that sounds relevant, but I'm afraid it's a bit over my head. Maybe it may mean more to someone else. See the following link:

    Good luck!

  • Here's a bit more stuff from the same stable that says it relates to ubuntu 16.04:

    This should be more appropriate.

  • @dtarrant hi, as you know there's only a bunch of developers available, and I think is a good exercise to look at the big picture when ranking "how important is really an issue (that $user cares a lot, sure)" while keeping in mind that we (UBports project) only have a very limited amount of time&hands to work on any of them ^_^

    As a workaround, have you tried to use your device's audio jack output to send the sound to your TV?

    BTW, those links only show a fix for "Intel's STK1A32SC and STK1AW32SC sticks", so not a real solution anyway.

    It's a script that only does this:

    sed -i '/module-detect/ {n;a\
    unload-module module-alsa-card\
    load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,2
    }' /etc/pulse/

    and then it removes itself like if it was an amazing top secret 😃

  • It has nothing to do with pulse-audio. It is the hybris module for pulse-audio, which is maintained by the Sailfish (Jolla) developers. For this feature to work, that module must have the support. My suggestion would be to take your issue upstream to them.

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