Libreoffice and Firefox.

  • Hello people.

    Libreoffice and Firefox disappeared...

    Is there a way to get them again on a M10 FHD Aquaris tablet?

    The former link I found does not work?

    Thanks for your reply.

  • @breizhat I moved this topic to Support.

    What do you mean by "disappeared"? From where?

  • Using Libertine Firefox 69.0.2 can be used with Libertine.
    Using Libertine: LibreOffice can be installed but does not run.
    This is true for BQ M10 HD - Ubports 16.04/stable 2019-10-08 and
    Fairphone2 - Ubports 16.04/devel 2019-10-11.

  • Would be great if libreoffice would run as it should...

  • In my testing Abiword and Gnumeric work ok in Libertine as a lighter weight and much more stable alternative to LibreOffice. Firefox is slow as molasses via Libertine, and I've never found it useful to have. If you need a browser that provides an alternative to Morph, I suggest installing the "Demo Browser" from the Open Store.
    Also - if you load Libreoffice documents hosted in a cloud service like DropBox or NextCloud via Morph browser - I have found these work decently well on UT mobile devices.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Yes, Abiword runs better than libreoffice. But there are also limitations, e.g. creating a bulleted list or a numeration list... Or the apply-button is not working with mouse... I mean, this are "basics" for serious office work... It's a little bit pity...

  • @1896er It would be great if everything always worked perfectly and nobody had to worry about anything. But unfortunately life and software do not work like that.

    Libertine is an experimental feature, and the OS is made by volunteers working in their spare time. If you run into issues, the best thing to do is to report bugs and make pull requests to fix them. Snarky posts on a forum won't solve problems or make software fit your needs better.

  • Not to take this off topic - but there are a ton of 10" x86 tablets and 2 in 1's out there on the market that can be sourced readily and affordably - that can easily run standard desktop Ubuntu (or the other desktop distro of your preference) if you wish to use LibreOffice and Firefox, and have numerous other standard "office" software with no issues at your fingertips. I have a Dell 7140 2in1 that I've used exactly for these kinds of purposes for a while in fact.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • I'm sorry about my "snarky posts". It was never my intention to give a bad impression about the work of developers and the OS in general! Sorry! I have great respect about the work for developers! And I like the OS very much!

    As a beginner in UT it's sometimes a little bit frustrating to get success in all areas of the OS.

    Best regards!


  • Unfortunately my statement of 11 Oct 2019, 16:53 is not the whole truth. LibreOffice and Firefox are running sometimes on libertine (but sometimes not). Unfortunately, it does not always work when I create a new container.
    So if necessary, remove the existing container and build a new one. Maybe the following PPAs will help as well:
    ppa: ubports-developers / overlay
    ppa: ubuntu-touch-core apps-drivers / collection
    ppa: libreoffice / ppa
    ppa: mozilla team / firefox-next

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