Signal App - can the UT client coexist with Android clients?

  • Hello,

    the Ubuntu Touch non-official Signal app states that it unregisters all Android-based Signal clients.
    Three questions:

    • Does it also unregister the other Signal clients? E.g. I linked my desktop Ubuntu pc using the official Signal desktop app. Would I loose those links too?
    • After the Ubuntu Touch Signal app is set up, meaning all Android links are broken, can I link the Android ones anew?
    • What would happen to my current chat history?

    I am very interested in learning about your experiences with Signal on UT!

  • I know that the chat history is basically gone when you switch to the UT version.
    Also the desktop messages that you produce don't seem to show up on the UT app, but the other side of the conversation does.

  • This is unfortunate. Thank you for your swift response!

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