oneplus one (bacon) issues: updates, wifi, text/txt/sms/mms, & phone calls

  • I noticed (somewhere) as call for bacon testing, so I thought I might report my present experiences.

    Updates: stable channel still says that ota-3 is the latest (and I think we are at 5 or 6 now)

    Wifi: has been broken since (roughly) rc24 [up to (at least) development channel release #626]

    txt/mms/calls: when the device is in deep sleep (dozing?), it does not receive phone calls or texts


  • Infrastructure

    Hmm I am on devel but I dont think that the stable channel is really broken. We would have had more complaints like that.

    • WiFi: Works in general but we had a MAC address issue. Please try again with OTA-6. I am using the devel version daily in 2 WiFis and so far that is fine.
    • Dee sleep: Indeed some reports similar to this: Loss of WiFi/network but instant reconnect when screen is turned on. I am not sure about calls though. We would need to know how many minutes it needs to rest to be in that mode.

  • @osndok I'm on latest dev. Still getting texts and calls after hour or so. All else fine. Try the dev channel you can always move back..

  • nice post

  • @pitter121 Thanks. Since posting this, I did have OTA-4 present itself (which in and of itself I thought strange b/c I was expecting for it to just jump to 6), but updating to ota-4 broke the wifi. So at least we know the wifi issue was introduced between 3 & 4. I'm actually a bit surprised that it is not a known issue. Anyway, now I'll need to do some reverse tethering, a lot of cell-data-use, or just use the phablet flashing tool to get the device to be usable again.

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