oneplus one (bacon) issues: updates, wifi, text/txt/sms/mms, & phone calls

  • I noticed (somewhere) as call for bacon testing, so I thought I might report my present experiences.

    Updates: stable channel still says that ota-3 is the latest (and I think we are at 5 or 6 now)

    Wifi: has been broken since (roughly) rc24 [up to (at least) development channel release #626]

    txt/mms/calls: when the device is in deep sleep (dozing?), it does not receive phone calls or texts


  • Hmm I am on devel but I dont think that the stable channel is really broken. We would have had more complaints like that.

    • WiFi: Works in general but we had a MAC address issue. Please try again with OTA-6. I am using the devel version daily in 2 WiFis and so far that is fine.
    • Dee sleep: Indeed some reports similar to this: Loss of WiFi/network but instant reconnect when screen is turned on. I am not sure about calls though. We would need to know how many minutes it needs to rest to be in that mode.

  • @osndok I'm on latest dev. Still getting texts and calls after hour or so. All else fine. Try the dev channel you can always move back..

  • nice post

  • @pitter121 Thanks. Since posting this, I did have OTA-4 present itself (which in and of itself I thought strange b/c I was expecting for it to just jump to 6), but updating to ota-4 broke the wifi. So at least we know the wifi issue was introduced between 3 & 4. I'm actually a bit surprised that it is not a known issue. Anyway, now I'll need to do some reverse tethering, a lot of cell-data-use, or just use the phablet flashing tool to get the device to be usable again.

  • @osndok It is not a known issue because WiFi works for all other OPO users I know 😉

  • So please also add to all statements it broke for you, do not generalize.

  • @flohack Since your very good work on wifi issue, it works very well on OPO and also hotspot !!

  • @osndok Did you ever try updating to the dev channel via system settings. Not seeing any other wifi issues on OPO.

  • I had a moment to get some diagnostic output (below), and am posting it here since I did not see it elsewhere on the forums.

    [   38.163265] wlan: loading driver v3.8.20.24
    [   38.178395] wlan: [898:F :HDD] hdd_parse_config_ini: request_firmware failed -2
    [   38.178919] wlan: [898:F :HDD] hdd_wlan_startup: error parsing wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    [   38.179431] wlan: [898:F :HDD] hdd_driver_init: WLAN Driver Initialization failed
    [   38.190196] wlan: driver load failure


    I have not had a chance to experiment with other releases yet, partly because it is far more difficult to get a release on the phone without wifi, but this was meant more as a report than a support request. Since I have already had to stop using UBPorts for daily driving.

    I acknowledge that wifi may only be broken FOR ME, I thought that went without saying. I'm just trying to give help, not receive help.

  • @osndok The only idea I got is that the firmware is really missing from your partition. Then of course, it cannot be loaded, and also will not initialize. Can you test it with Lineage or stock Android?

  • @flohack It worked with OTA-3, both originally and after reverting from the newer rc/devel channels upon noticing the breakage... so that makes me think that it cannot be missing/corrupted partitions. Although, it is interesting, the implication that those are not included in the ubports install, so maybe I just have a different/older version.

  • I have problems with the wifi on a different phone, a Pro5, since I purchased it and never understood why but I always thought this phone wasn't a lucky one.
    I'm on 16.04 Devel but it doesn't work regardless of the channel, and on the Vivid image as well.

    The wifi is working when I reinstate the credentials every time, but it doesn't automatically show up at every reboot, as the Access Point credentials didn't exist before. I read @Flohack reporting about a MAC number problem, so I tried to investigate to see what happens on the phone at reboot.
    After rebooting, I checked the var/log/syslog and I found a MAC verify failed kernel error. @Osndok, by the chance do you have the same error? Could it be related to the fact that the wifi doesn't work?

    If of any interest, I provide part of the syslog HERE.


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