Aquarius 4.5 how to delete Browser Next

  • I have a problem with Browser Next. It opens so that zoom is in max. I cannot zoom out the content so 90% of it is outside of the screen and out of reach. I have tried to locate any place where to change the settings, but no luck. This is a huge problem when I open Messages links because they still open default in Next.

    Is it possible to remove Browser Next and direct Messages to open in Morph Browser as default? Morph is working perfectly.

    If not, then could it be in next OTA update?


  • @jonik You need to update your device. Browser Next should not be on your device anymore, you should only have Morph browser. Swop your update channel to RC or dev and install the update. I'm guessing your on stable. Have a read of these.

  • Thank you for your reply!

    I downloaded and installed both RC and developer images. Also, upgraded programs. Still, I am stuck with Next. It is there and messages still open in Next.

    After 1.6GB of downloads I am still in bed with Next. Is there anyway to force phone to uninstall Next?

  • @jonik This is confusing. If you go to the About section in systen settings what does it say in OS. Something like Ubuntu 16.04(2018-12-5)

  • Problem solved!

    In UT Tweak Tool - Apps Scope I was able to select Next and there was uninstall option. Now it is gone and messages open in Morph.


  • @jonik when uninstalling any app, I like to remove its cache, data, and config files with UT Tweak tool before really uninstalling it.

    If you don't want to do those previous steps, of course you can just uninstall Next browser by tapping and holding its icon. You'll see a page with the option to uninstall it 🙂

    Edit: oh, too late lol

  • @jonik Well done was just checking on UTTweak Tool. Still suprised you had Next in the first place. Oh well its destroyed now.

  • Just in case. My OS is now Ubuntu 16.04 (2018-W50).

    I could not locate Next anymore, so if it left something to the system then they will stay. Still, that is a small price to pay for convenience.

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