App start animation

  • As the title said. I think we should add a start animation for apps. For example the app icon push out from bottom side(Like what Android 5.0 did, maybe left is better for Ubuntu-touch as our lanuncher is there)
    Animations can make the start process more smooth and let users feel the system more faster(For not feeling the waiting time)

  • There is already a start animation and splash screen. New app windows slide in quickly from the right side to a black screen, where the spinner starts with the app icon showing.

  • @unisuperbox said in App start animation:

    to a black screen, where the spinner starts with the app icon showing.

    Yes, or with a white screen. I would like to have only black or dark screens with app-icon at startup.

  • Apps have a choice in their desktop file whether they show the splash or their own header when they're starting. An example of one which shows its header is the Messaging app. If you do not like this decision, you may want to file a bug on the app's issue tracker.

  • I guess Unity 8 needs more visual cues in general. We don't even have press/click visuals for almost every part of Unity 8 🙂 but that's a different topic.
    In regards to your concerns. I think it's fine to have a new animation but each app should still be able to set custom ones.
    But I would want the core apps to change to a darker splash though 😛

  • Oh! Are you talking about the Unity7-style transition where the icon jumps from the left of the screen? Or was I correct before, you're talking about the splash screen?

    Either way, it is the app's choice whether to show a splash or not, as well as which color the splash takes on. Apps can even put an image on the splash. Sailbook is one example of an app which does this. If you don't like an app's choice of design for its splash, the app developer would be the one to contact.

    With all of that out of the way, though, I hope we can all agree that a faster app startup time (negating the need for any splash) far outweighs any need to improve the before-startup experience. The only reason splashes were put in place was because apps would take seconds to load, which is not acceptable in today's market. Rather than fixing the issue, the user experience was changed to make it seem less terrible. It's a distraction.

  • @unisuperbox Really? I didn't saw this on my nexus7(flo).
    Maybe, a bug?

  • I just noticed that last night on my Nexus 7. I wondered if this is a new problem, but it appears that OTA-6 exhibits the same behavior. I think the Nexus 7's GPU might be too weak to play the transition... That's both surprising and disappointing.

  • Wait. What exactly isn't working on the Nexus 7? It has the same SoC (Adreno 320 GPU) as Nexus 4, so anything which works on the latter should work just fine on the Nexus 7 too.

  • The sliding animation for app launches doesn't play. The app surface just appears.

  • That's odd. I don't have one to test it on though, nor any other tablet. Does that animation happen on the M10?

  • No, the animation does not happen on the M10 tablet, not in portrait mode nor landscape.
    Funny that, I had noticed it on the phone, but never realized it was absent on the tablet.

  • @arubislander Thanks for verifying that.

    So it looks like this issue with the slide-in animation is something that's just disabled on tablets in general (and probably on PC config as well).

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