What happend to the diaspora channel?

  • @3arn0wl Yes but then we could prick the interest of people who have no idea about UT or privacy and get them over from the 'Darkside' so to speak : ) Also we need to avoid a catch 22 situation of preaching to the converted who then only discuss us between themselves. There are alot of people out there a small fraction finding out about UT what it does and what it is could be a game changer. for them and for us. We get more interest and users, they get a great mobile OS and learn how to protect and guard their details and data.

  • @lakotaubp I've been attempting to avoid using an indelicate expression, but it's about to come out - SORRY.

    "P***ing in the wind".

    We can bang on about how wonderful our platform is until we're blue in the face, and it won't make much of a difference.

    People need to see how good it is. Touch it. Use it, and realize that it's not some really complicated thing that only techies can drive. That actually, it can do really useful stuff and that it's intuitive.

    And we need OEMs to give customers the confidence that UT isn't some wildly unusual, fly-by-night flaky-ware, built in a couple of geek's bedrooms, but actually a really well-engineered piece of software that meets the communications and computing needs of individuals.

  • @3arn0wl Think that's what I'm saying. Sorry if it's badly written. Pressure to have UT on new devices can come from many directions. Customer awareness, manufacturers awareness etc. etc. I just don't think we should shut of any route to getting us noticed.
    On an aside how many big manufactures would you think produce a device they could not in some way drop some of there products onto. Be it 'community rewards' 'customer bonuses' etc. you know the sort of data harvesting thing. So that would be another hurdle to overcome for UT to remain true to itself.

  • @lakotaubp Sorry if I misunderstood your words.

    Regarding manufacturers: this is why I think Google's move to Fuchsia is an opportunity for UT. IF Fuchsia is Google effectively close sourcing the OS, then either they're just going to make their own devices - Google=Apple - or they're going to charge a fee for its use, and allow far less OEM customization - Google=Micro$oft. (Either version gives Micro$oft another opportunity in the market).

    UT thus becomes the only platform (I'm aware of) that is Open Source: Free, and available to OEMs to use as they wish. Ergo UT effectively becomes the new Android.

    It's ironic if one of the things we prize the most - privacy - is the very thing manufacturers are most reluctant to cede. :/

  • @3arn0wl UT thus becomes the only platform (I'm aware of)

    As long as Purism fails with their PureOS and Llibrem 5, that is ;)

  • Hi,

    Being part of the marketing team, and one of the social media accounts manager, I can tell this is just a matter of manpower. We have distributed the social media accounts between us, and it just happens that some people manage for some reason or the other to have more time to post on some of the social media services than others.

    There's not strategy decision about post more on facebook and twitter than on the others, it just happen that we all give our best, but some have more time for that than others.

    Having said this, if you want to help with this please contact me. We will try to integrate you within the team and make our presence on the privacy respecting social media networks better, by having the manpower to do it. We always try to have several persons for each social media network, but we can only do so much.

  • @twinkybot Well yes, and Mozilla's FirefoxOS could be revived too for that matter.

  • @twinkybot Hi, After checking I can confirm the Ubports diaspora channel is being fully maintain with only a slight delay due to the holiday period. Which I think is perfectly understandable.

  • @lakotaubp Aaaahh there are two accounts which I did not see.

    ubports@diasp.ca is the old un-maintaned

    Current account

  • @twinkybot The ubports@diasp.ca account should now point to the correct one. Thanks for pointing it out.
    . .

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